If you don't want to commit in group to do the assignment, then don't pursue study

I had a hard time yesterday in the morning of Friday. By the way last Friday, it was a good weather yesterday, not so hot just had a cool air, i love it alhamdulillah. If this country have a good weather everyday like yesterday kan bagus. Okay back to the story. I didn't go to class at 8am but after performing subuh, I stay up to do the assignment for subject Tasawwur Islam. What a sial group members. I'm sorry for being harsh but she's too much. My group got 6 members include me so we divided into 3 mini groups to do the subtopic of the assignment, "Harta sumber kebahagiaan" that is our topic for presentation and report. So me and my partners have done our subtopic and the other group also done but another group was like sial (because we got 3 mini groups). They both didn't make anything!! They don't give a commitment and made trouble for me. I skipped the morning class to do their part!! because I have to submit the report on that day at 10am. Eee ba alif ba ya. I knew it. I knew it already. Last semester, I had been with them in a group and they... I don't know what the hell they are doing, they didn't do their part and give suck excuse because they had another work to do. Omg bitchesz! Harap je pakai tudung labuh, punyalah bersopan santun tapi kerja langsung tak siap! Perangai. I'm not gonna blame for their hijab but it is the behaviour that I hate. You see this screenshots:-


Pooff she didn't reply after all. Her excuses didn't make any sense langsung none of it. You see, if you don't know how to do your part, then you have to inform early to the other members that you can't make it. Sebab the report have to submit on Friday but they didn't inform langsung!! I gave them 3 weeks to finish it, and you know what, what is their subtopics, just buat conclusion jek because I already email them the subtopics I have made. Im gonna cry for this. I'm so stress! 

Please everybody. Don't be a student like this people. If you don't want to give a commitment then don't put the others into trouble. Kesianlah. Kesian kat orang macam aku ni kan.. She's suck and her partner too. They suck. There's are so many people out there that want to enter university to pursue their study, so please appreciate with the university's offer to you. I'm not gonna tell the lecturers about them because I am not that kind of telling bad about others, complaining about others instead, i moaning about them in my blog TO TELL YOU,, that take this story as a lesson because I'm a reporter, I make news, I search for the news to give some motivation and inspiration to people especially my blog readers. So this is how my student's life. Problem revealed.

I write to express not to impress. Remember?
One thing about me, I always give chances to others but they the one who break it.
I'm done with this people. Suck.
Be careful to be my friend, because I'm a journalist. I will reveal about you if you mess with me.

// You know what, I got 13/20 for the test of subject Taswwur Islam. I tell you that it had 7 easy questions but I can't make it. I am so stupid at religion subject I don't know why. I put an effort for that subject or maybe I'm having problem by reading haha. I guess that I got the lowest mark because it seems like everybody can get 15 and above but me? only 13 !! 


  1. omg. i feel u. but for my case, one of my groupmate is much annoying. he's like suka mengarah and pressure orang buat kerja, with the feel like he has done a lot of work whilst dia just buat small part of the assignment. and then, he only pressured me sebab i'm his roommate and didn't have the gut nak suruh another two person untuk siapkan for the reason idk. and i was so mad with him when he arahkan me to furnishkan everything and i had to spend a lot just for useless fucking draft. he's so fucking brainless. he did that just bcs he think he was blessed with a so-called great communication skill. i'm done with college sigh.

    1. kan.. this kind of people. Semua pandai buat orang pressured jek. Idk what are they doing in their room sampai kerja tak boleh nak siap apa semua. teruk betullah.

    2. ini lagi teruk, hahahahaa mcam macam ragamkan...

  2. haih kerja group ni lah paling lemah sebenarnya. banyak sangat konflik x( better buat alone daripada group

    1. betul tu. better buat individual assignment. Tapi kena tiru pulak hahahhaha

  3. om pon penah kena. kata group assignment, last last kita yang buat sorang. Padahal dah divide keje, kau buat yang ni aku buat yang tu. tup tup diam tanpa commitment. kita ni pulak jd terbeban nak pikir part keje diorang. om sakit hati dengan orang yang macam ni, tak ade perasaan.

  4. paling ugh bila buat group assignment and terpaksa group dengan orang kita taknak bc we know obviously s/he wont do any part pun. serupa mcm tak perlu ada dalam group. tapi still nak juga kredit nama dia.

    sakit hatinya bila dia akan pura pura tanya itu ini tapi dia tak buat apa pun. kita ni pulak berlembut hati je sbb group. lama lama pijak kepala jugak

    1. kan.. terpaksa lah kita letak kredit nama dia. Padahal dia tak buat satu apa langsung. Macam awak, at last dia tanya2 lah jugak, saya? langsung tk inform besok nak kena hantar tk inform langsung ya Allah sakit hati.

      Memang dah tak bertegur dengan dia. Pandang pun taknak.

  5. sabar lah kak. Ana pun ada gak jenis kawan yang ta bole buat satu apa dalam assignment. So sad ~


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