H E L L O !

My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro502. Follow me:-


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H E L L O !

My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro 502. Follow me:-


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

So much has changed. I loved someone a lot, and one day I woke up and I realized what moving on really is. There’s such a big difference between getting over something and getting through it. I got through with it all, but if he came up to me and told me that he sincerely loved me, I wouldn’t resist that. It’s funny how things work out right? You think you’ll be best friend with someone forever and one day you’re just not anymore. All I know for sure is that when you love someone, I mean truly love someone, whether it’s a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever, you never stop loving them. Think about it. 

Goodbye is the hardest thing to say to someone who means the world to you, especially when goodbye isn’t what you want.

Nahh.. there's nothing relate to the post title, what I posted now is to share some of my new photography portraits. For your information, I rather be an outdoor model that doing shoot in studio because why, so that I could connect myself with the environments, yeah I love that. Before this, I have ever been shoot in studio but I found myself was a bit uncomfortable because I didn't get any props to pose with, I have to stand for an hours, stand freeze-ly and I was a bit dizzy with the lights of studio.

So yah, I've been invited by my coursemate which she's being a photographer at the moment for her assignment. I took this opportunity to challenge myself to do an outdoor photography and feel cool doing that ahha. Okay, it got pros and cons also. The pros are because I like it, get to connect with things around you, more free, more space well you can run away ahha. And the cons are, whenever you were having a photoshoot outside, people that walk near you will watch what you are doing and that moment when I have to do some poses, I danced, I swirl and etc in front of the watchers hahaha shame on me. Next, doing outdoor photoshoot is so hot man, it depends on the weather.

Let's have some views!

Hi, let me show you some undone photos before I proceed the good photos which I mean the perfect photos lah. I want to tell you that   photo 00215.gifprops I've been used was in the order of the photographer. All the images captured and   photo 00215.gifcopyright by The Photographer. I am just like a puppet of her. 

Expression, Lala. Show it. 

My tired face actually. I asked the photographer, what else do want me to do? Re-shoot! 

I'll show you the best image than this. I was swirling the shawl so that it could wave beautifully.

You've got no idea what pose is this. This is actually a candid photo, I stand directly to sunlight so I wanted to cover my face by the black shawl, while waiting for the photographer to set up her camera, so I didn't notice that she's actually taking mine. Anyway I think it's great  photo x6.png

Hahah whatever. The photo in the middle is the best among three. The photo at the right side, I was fixing my hijab.

I thought the sky is blue! 

Let bygone be bygone.

Actually, wait for the sun goes down.

I was trying my best to give the best photos. 

No. Don't look at me like that. Some of the poses were candid but I guess whatever candid of mine, sometimes it can be chosen. I may be update one of these pictures on Instagram. Maybe. // I feel so urmm insecure to update my photos on instagram anymore but let see. I love to share my photos on blog rather than on instagram or facebook.

Focus on my face, let anything blurred.

All of a sudden, the photographer asked my to lay down on the grass. I was like, weh are you trying to take a porn picture of mine, I feel like.. err so uncomfortable besides I love my clothes and tudung! I don't want it to get dirt. You know what, I'm having a bad allergy after lay down on the grass. Ahh my body's getting itchy now! image

You've put me in a feeling I've never had and ever since I've been trying to get it back.  photo the.jpg

I told you it was very hot, so I have to bring umbrella instead.

Okay mengada. I have no caption for this picture. 

A big mistake on this picture actually hahahaha, the pose is good, but I hang the shawl at the umbrella hahhaha what a stupid behaviour. Me and photographer were laughing when we saw this picture on laptop lol. Okay.. my bad haha  photo p.gif

So yeah a nice work from her especially, I always be her model whenever she got a project to get done so I help her. She's using  photo aaa.gif Canon 7D which is very professional DSLR haha. She's also my roommate ehhe. 

By the way, there's a lot of pictures were taken by her but I only chose randomly to blog because some photos are sealed photo thd.jpg for her assignment. Thats it, enough okay. And, good to work with her because she's my roommate so we know what we need to do and I only can be a freelance model of her, I can't let anyone taking my photos simply because yeahh not because I'm "expensive" but because I sometime hate when people snap pictures when I'm not so ready so the face yeahh.. ugly. But some candids work on me.

The Islamic fashion industry has been climbing fast into the hearts of modern Muslim women. Fashion designers and brands have created a muslimah clothing line to serve the modern Muslim women with a choice that takes into account modesty as well as style.
Who says that you cannot be fashionable and up-to-date?
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 photo thh.jpg

Next muslimah clothing look is for the ladies who want to reveal an extra feminine elegance side of them to others. Wear your hijabs with a maxi dress or a blouse and long skirt for that stylish modern muslimah appearance. This outfit is great for women to flaunt to dinner events, formal functions or even a day out with family or friends. As Malaysia is a hot climate country , the trick is to choose lightweight fabrics like cotton which will make you feel comfortable all day long.
 photo thh.jpg

Lastly, muslimah ladies can perk up their style by wearing modern jubah dress. Jubah dresses are designed with the combination of exclusivity and glamour  photo 1708.gif which makes it the perfect outfit for women to show off to important occasions such as weddings, Eid Day or dinner parties. From peplum cut jubah dresses to embellished ones, any women will fall in love with it at first sight. Impress others while still maintaining your hijabista look with the wonderful designs of modern jubah dresses for women. 

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Last Saturday, me and my journalism-coursemates had an outdoor project at Sabak Bernam. Photoshoot. There are 3 parts divided of the photoshoot which is at 1) Sawah Padi, 2) Laut, and 3) Kerepek. My group got to shoot at the sea which is we had to make a story about Nelayan.. yeay this is super fun! It was my first time staying at kampung which the house is made of wood. I was excited that moment to be honest, I walked around the house to see the rooms, the beds and bathroom which it had a "kolah" haha what a city girl! Also tried to comfort myself there.

It takes 4 hours from UPM to Sabak Bernam so of course I fall asleep later.

Hey! dont forget to capture this moment. Haha we didnt wear safety jacket pun.

Where is Lala ?

The villagers at open market.

Hello world, may I present you this is Malaysia!

The fisherman just arrived from his office at the middle of the sea haha

Cakk! Because selfie by using a dslr is too mainstream. I was waiting for the boat to pick me at the jetty.

Office of the sea. The fishermen were doing their work so do not disturb them

This is Mr Andy, our instructor of subject Photo Journalism. He's very gila-gila hahahaha

Naahh.. she's too tired. This is the second day of the trip. Haha tired lah sangat. But fun!

We're lost in the middle of the sea singing oh we're lost ~

This is what chu got! No lah bukan aku yang tangkap

Yeahh I touch every animals that I found except snake! Yes they do capture the baby snake and the I ran far away from them. Aaa I am so phobia with the snakes. You see that fish yang macam ikan keli tu, I don't know what is it's name so I said, "eee ikan keli." And then I was laughed by the kampung kids "ahahahahha ikan keli dekat laut ahahaha" Ikan Belacak lah Lala, memang budak bandar betul haih..

The best moment I have had there and I will never get this moment again when I go back to the city. I wish to explore more. I wish to travel again to somewhere I belong haha. Kampung best ~