3 Muslimah Clothing Looks: Embrace Fashion in Modesty

The Islamic fashion industry has been climbing fast into the hearts of modern Muslim women. Fashion designers and brands have created a muslimah clothing line to serve the modern Muslim women with a choice that takes into account modesty as well as style.
Who says that you cannot be fashionable and up-to-date?
It is definitely wrong as there are various ways Muslim women can look trendy as long as you dressed appropriately.
The first muslimah clothing look for women to try is wearing a flared trouser, top and outerwear. This look is perfect for women to style at the office. Whether you wear a jacket or blazer on top, it still maintains your professional aura at the workplace. Do not forget to be playful and style your hijabs to match with your outfit. 

 photo thh.jpg

Next muslimah clothing look is for the ladies who want to reveal an extra feminine elegance side of them to others. Wear your hijabs with a maxi dress or a blouse and long skirt for that stylish modern muslimah appearance. This outfit is great for women to flaunt to dinner events, formal functions or even a day out with family or friends. As Malaysia is a hot climate country , the trick is to choose lightweight fabrics like cotton which will make you feel comfortable all day long.
 photo thh.jpg

Lastly, muslimah ladies can perk up their style by wearing modern jubah dress. Jubah dresses are designed with the combination of exclusivity and glamour  photo 1708.gif which makes it the perfect outfit for women to show off to important occasions such as weddings, Eid Day or dinner parties. From peplum cut jubah dresses to embellished ones, any women will fall in love with it at first sight. Impress others while still maintaining your hijabista look with the wonderful designs of modern jubah dresses for women. 

Interested to try out these fabulous muslimah fashion looks?  Check out ZALORA  and buy muslimah clothing online from various brands offered.


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