Outdoor Project; Photoshoot at Sungai Besar, Sabak Bernam

Last Saturday, me and my journalism-coursemates had an outdoor project at Sabak Bernam. Photoshoot. There are 3 parts divided of the photoshoot which is at 1) Sawah Padi, 2) Laut, and 3) Kerepek. My group got to shoot at the sea which is we had to make a story about Nelayan.. yeay this is super fun! It was my first time staying at kampung which the house is made of wood. I was excited that moment to be honest, I walked around the house to see the rooms, the beds and bathroom which it had a "kolah" haha what a city girl! Also tried to comfort myself there.

It takes 4 hours from UPM to Sabak Bernam so of course I fall asleep later.

Hey! dont forget to capture this moment. Haha we didnt wear safety jacket pun.

Where is Lala ?

The villagers at open market.

Hello world, may I present you this is Malaysia!

The fisherman just arrived from his office at the middle of the sea haha

Cakk! Because selfie by using a dslr is too mainstream. I was waiting for the boat to pick me at the jetty.

Office of the sea. The fishermen were doing their work so do not disturb them

This is Mr Andy, our instructor of subject Photo Journalism. He's very gila-gila hahahaha

Naahh.. she's too tired. This is the second day of the trip. Haha tired lah sangat. But fun!

We're lost in the middle of the sea singing oh we're lost ~

This is what chu got! No lah bukan aku yang tangkap

Yeahh I touch every animals that I found except snake! Yes they do capture the baby snake and the I ran far away from them. Aaa I am so phobia with the snakes. You see that fish yang macam ikan keli tu, I don't know what is it's name so I said, "eee ikan keli." And then I was laughed by the kampung kids "ahahahahha ikan keli dekat laut ahahaha" Ikan Belacak lah Lala, memang budak bandar betul haih..

The best moment I have had there and I will never get this moment again when I go back to the city. I wish to explore more. I wish to travel again to somewhere I belong haha. Kampung best ~


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