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Belajar cara buat border dalam blog

Thank you for the email. (Malay version tutorial)

Mula-mula sekali anda perlu tahu html code tentang border.

border: 1px solid #000000

Untuk buat border melintang (horizontal) nama kod border ialah:
border-bottom // border-top
Untuk buat border menegak (vertical) nama kod border ialah:
border-left // border-right
Jadi contohnya, ||  border-bottom: 1px solid #000000  ||


Lagi satu border jenis apa yang kita mahukan:
solid // dashed // dotted // double // groove // ridge // inset // outset
Jadi tukarkan sahaja jenis-jenis border tu, contoh macam ni, || border: 1px dotted #000000 ||

Lepas itu, berapa tebal border yang kita nak, adjust the number, 1 - 10 px

Okay dah jelas tentang kod html border.

Dalam blog saya, saya banyak menggunakan border sebab nak buat simple. Tapi maaf, title pada sidebar widget saya tu agak complex kalau nak ajar, saya cuba yang terbaik ye.

Cara nak buat border pada header ada 2: Pertama, cari anda punya header code dalam html template. Ini contoh saya …

Fourth Semester Ended

Assalamualaikum. I just finished my 4th semester on 28th June. I'm sorry I have to postpone this entry because I'm busy cleaning my room. It is so mess here, I'm still tidying up, makeover my room, and I just bought a new bedsheet, plain white and a pink throw but I'm not going to update about my room yet, maybe next time. Next week because this week I have to do a tutorial requested by a girl via email, sorry girl I promise to update it as soon as possible ok stay tuned.

So these are some images that I'm gonna share after my friends and I finished our last paper, French Language. I think I did it well. Just for you know, I got 43/50 for test 2 les francais hehe . The best part is during the (french) examination, I was a bit confused with one question fortunately the lecturer pass by so I asked her, "Madame I am confuse with this question, what do they want?" and she replied, "Yes yes betul semua tak payah tukar (all correct you don't need to cha…

My Wordless Day

Just finished my second last paper, Tasawwur Islam. I was about to give up reading the lecture notes and I think that I cannot make it but alhamdulillah the question was easy hahahha. So my last paper, French, will be on Sunday and I'll be set free.

Type:Personal daily entry
Mood:I've been thinking about someone that I still couldn't resist
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Been sleeping after got back from the exam, so there's nothing productive other than having a daydream today and ohh I was thinking a lot about someone, someone that I used to move on even till now, I am barely able to stop thinking about that person. But hope that one day, I'll be back in new transformation. Renew. Start fresh.

Critically thinking.
"I'm trying to hit the mark but I'm shooting with broken arrows.." It feels like that.

|Random Photos for this Entry| : Without make up and with make up. I think I might let my face naked without make up. No more e…


Hi, this is a personal quick entry. The week of studying has ended. Its Monday today and the final start. I wish a good luck to all my friends, my coursemates, my aspermates, my gangs and best wishes to myself. I'll be sitting for the first paper on 18th June, News Editing and Writing Process. No lecture note given, so I just read a newspaper "Berita Harian" because the question given is make news! Okay.

As the title given, my feeling is totally breakdown so do mentally.  Due to reading so many notes for the exam and I'm damned.

I currently feel so heartless. I talk less write more. That is how I express my feeling by writing. I am not bothered with the comments that people gave to me, I feel so "malas nak layan" and I only "k"-ed them.

Why is this happen to me, tell me what else can I do, I'm giving up. Somebody played on me but I don't want to tell the reason why. This time, let people discover me by themselves (only if they care) becaus…

Make Recycled Cereal Box Book Holders


Dear selfish, people like you should take a lesson

You're a terrible person that I have met.
You only care about your own pain.

I'm sorry you hurt so bad, but that doesn't mean other people aren't vulnerable or sensitive. And just because you have a power or doing something out of it, doesn't mean that other people don't have feelings. You don't get to fucking cry to raise sympathy, I am crying right now. You haven't asked me once if I was okay. You only care about your fucking feelings. 

Damn you because you were the one who made that fucking mistake, and then you find me just to blame me that I'm wrong to cover up your mistake. Shame on you people already know who was right and who was wrong.

Selfish, people like you should take a lesson!

Just keep loving yourself

This is my favourite song on this week. I love this song because the message given is kinda related with me (if you know the lyrics). So what I want to tell is those yang mengutuk dan bergosip tentang saya sehinggakan saya dapat tahu sebenarnya saya dengar je kata-kata mereka semua, ada yang saya diamkan  dan ada yang saya respon mana yang perlu. Saya tahu ada je ada certain students yang mengumpat pasal saya dalam kelas elektif saya, dan ada juga minoriti yang tak suka dengan saya dan saya dapat tahu daripada kawan-kawan mereka sendiri dan kata orang lain. So apa yang saya nak cakap, memang meresahkan, menggangu fikiran, I keep thinking about it and it hurts my feeling.

Saya pun manusia biasa, lagi satu saya jenis yang bila buat salah, saya cepat sedar benda tu dan saya sendiri yang akan memperbaiki diri saya tanpa perlu dengar nasihat orang lain. Sebab kadang kala saya tak berapa sukakan teguran walaupun secara personal tapi saya tak suka orang memberi pandangan yang negatif kepada …

Lala speaks French

This is not a formal conversation, and the quality of the video is low. I just want to share it on my blog because I found it's really funny when I speak in French with my group partner, Sis Jihan. We have to submit it on the last Tuesday so we made this video at the last minute and submitted on Friday lol so that is why we didn't make it properly ahha my bad.

The weather is hot, so we recorded the video in car hahahha The script also is not complete. Last minute. Yes.

Yeah. I am an awkward person in reality, just an ordinary girl in reality bhahaha

Laughing stock punya video ok