Fourth Semester Ended

Assalamualaikum. I just finished my 4th semester on 28th June. I'm sorry I have to postpone this entry because I'm busy cleaning my room. It is so mess here, I'm still tidying up, makeover my room, and I just bought a new bedsheet, plain white and a pink throw but I'm not going to update about my room yet, maybe next time. Next week because this week I have to do a tutorial requested by a girl via email, sorry girl I promise to update it as soon as possible ok stay tuned.

So these are some images that I'm gonna share after my friends and I finished our last paper, French Language. I think I did it well. Just for you know, I got 43/50 for test 2 les francais hehe  photo Untitled-4.png. The best part is during the (french) examination, I was a bit confused with one question fortunately the lecturer pass by so I asked her, "Madame I am confuse with this question, what do they want?" and she replied, "Yes yes betul semua tak payah tukar (all correct you don't need to change the answers)" she strongly commanded. Hahaha my luck. However, I can't put a high confidence for this subject but I hope sooOo much to get A for French ee mestilah  photo a2.png

I think I might fall in love with this language after German.


Okay I wanna add something unrelated, a friend is using my picture as his twitcon! Look at here some comments after he using my picture 


Actually there's a story behind all of these, after exam I wanted to buy meal but I kinda shy because it was 2.30pm (during fast month) haha . He was there at cafe so I teased him I said I want to buy food at the stall and then he was joking wanted me to buy food for him too but naah I refused, belilah sendirik. So he try to persuade me say some sweet-talk to lure my heart  hahahah dia memang gitu orangnya but naah I still, refused. And oh before that I treated him my selfie after he asked me how was the exam, I said, "Alah senang, kacangg + *include image" thats why he's using that photo as his twitcon to lure my heart lah kononnya ke for fun let him be 

I guess I don't need to tweet after this because there is another Lala in fake version  photo x6.png

Another story, in the same entry.
I just want to say that I'm happy as he around. All my thoughts and instincts are correct. There's something about him that I don't really like, I hate but still want him. Maybe that is what we called LOVE. I did my best to move on, but everytime I met someone new, it seems to be worse. They aren't like him like what I need. They can't catch my heart as he did. There are something about him that I can only get along. The end.

\\ Too broken to be breakable //

Last story,
Holy crap I can't score full stars for the first attack during war! 


  1. selamat bercuti :)

    p/s : nak tambah ayat last : you cannot break the broken. hahaha.


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