My Wordless Day

Just finished my second last paper, Tasawwur Islam. I was about to give up reading the lecture notes and I think that I cannot make it but alhamdulillah the question was easy hahahha. So my last paper, French, will be on Sunday and I'll be set free.

Type: Personal daily entry
Mood: I've been thinking about someone that I still couldn't resist
Music playing: Broken Arrow, Breakdown - songs by Daughtry

Been sleeping after got back from the exam, so there's nothing productive other than having a daydream today and ohh I was thinking a lot about someone, someone that I used to move on even till now, I am barely able to stop thinking about that person. But hope that one day, I'll be back in new transformation. Renew. Start fresh.

Critically thinking.
"I'm trying to hit the mark but I'm shooting with broken arrows.." It feels like that.

|Random Photos for this Entry| : Without make up and with make up. I think I might let my face naked without make up. No more eyeliner and thick foundation. 


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