Do not 100% judge people based on their social pages, you might lose their real personality

You speak nicely in front of me but then you give me a piece of filthy insinuation behind me. Do you have a problem with me? You know zero about myself so you take an opportunity to judge me through my social medias, don't you know that in virtual, 90% contains untrue information about oneself. You cannot trust people through it.

So do I. You can't trust me cybernetic-ally. Yeah I know you will say that our social media pages show who we are, kan? So that you will lose them in reality because all in your mind is based on people's social networks.

So you will lose my real personality in reality life. Au revoir.

I don't mind at all, my life alhamdulillah is completed, sufficient, peaceful and comfortable. Say whatever you want, call me whatever you want and label me whatever you thought. I am no bother argue with people like you.

So, you really want to know about me in cyberspace don't you? Let me introduce myself back to you oh people, my name is Nurul Adilla but it feels more comfortable if friends and strangers call me Lala, Dilla is only for family-called or close one. I am 21 years old pursuing degree in Communication in Universiti Putra Malaysia. I am a blogger and doing freelancer, I like to write  photo a1-1.png, a lot. I share my thoughts and wish to motivate the others, I enjoy expressing what I have shared but not to impress them. I am hot bloody nahh I mean a bit hot-tempered but I can control it sometimes, nobody can control myself, as I am a divergent, I give no advice but will be a great listener to my friends in case if they need me. I have good friends surrounded me, no fights no argues with my friends because fighting isn't my style. I have a sense of humor, being extremely hilarious among my family and friends, I will show how annoying I am to the close one but sometimes I can be so quiet when I was surrounded with men. Awkward  Besides, I talk a lot in front of the mirror, when taking bath, when doing nothing yeah I'm insane, actually I want to improve my languages so that is why I did monologue thingy you see.. how struggle I am to improve my languages, people just know to critic  photo a3.png. Furthermore, I am a very organize person, I do listing what I need to do in a short-term and also long-term. A friend called me perfectionist / OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) person because I can't stay in a messy, stinky place and if I do some works I'm gonna make sure that I finished it perfectly! This is how I am. Everyone has a past so do I, but I won't talk about past no more cause I am new, I am fresh, and I am feeling so ambitious! 

 photo flower6.gif Hahah I can no more describe about myself there's nothing about me to inspire. Dan terlalu banyak! Tapi semua description di atas adalah benar.


  1. tu gambar last sekali tu nak bagi double thumbs up. serius lawa. tu je. haha

    1. hahahhaha itu je? tengkiuu by the way ;)

    2. ok, skrg komen pasal entry. ni samalah mcm famous English idiom dont judge a book by its cover ke? kalau ya, ramai dah faham, tapi tak praktikkan. tau x dkt luar negara *lupa dah kat mana, diorang ada buat kempen beli buku, tp d twist was, buku tu semua dorang wrap sugar paper so org xleh tau hows d cover page, cuma ada tajuk ke dgn marker written on d cover of the sugar paper. but still, ramai yg belek, tgok tajuk, beli. dats how Malaysian *especially amalkan. kalau bab judging thru social media, sorry to say but I haf to beg to differ, y? sbb kbykkan readers *as in blogger dan follower as in instagram or friends in facebook, semua kenal kita *kalau mutually know each other in d real world, tapi kalau yg lgsg x kenal kita? mcm Anas dgn Lala, i'll tend to judge u base on ur writing on blog, ur posts in instagram, dats how it usually work. dr situ kita boleh cerminkan diri kita. mcm mana kita menulis, how we bring ourself to the society. *hah, kan dah buat entry baru dah kat komen section ni. hahaha :) just my two cents ya Lala :)

    3. Haha thats it. Orang yg judge tu dia cuma just a stranger, kenal thru twitter, macam Anas dgn Lala pun kenal thru blog je kan. So yah you know lah dekat twitter ramai yg suka tweet mengarut so do I and then dia nak judge kita thru tweet sbb dia tak pernah jumpa Lala dan tak kenal pun, entah la I think dia deserve to judge me kot, judge lah tapi one thing yang saya tak suka pasal dia bila depan2 cakap baik je bila belakang dia sindir Lala dgn main unmention tweet mana ler orang tak terasa, tu pasal lah buat entry ni dekat blog.

  2. Hello my dear Lala, I know what you face is really hurt.Just bear in mind that being a human is never easy darling because sometimes we have to deal with those two faced people. But what about the other person who love you, care about you and always appreciate you for who you really are. In this case, just remember that there are still people who can accept you the way you are, they are your family, your good friends and even your lover. Just be yourself, and ignore all those backstabbers, shake them off. They are talking behind you because that is the only place that suits them, behind you. Hope this little advice can cool you down. A bit. Haha.

    1. aww, tengkiu Fara. What a lovely advice that you gave me. Yeah you are definitely right, after this I won't bother about two faced people no more, let them be.


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