Don't cheat, I love you

There are several pains in this life.

  1. Losing someone we love
  2. Being lied with someone we trust
  3. Being cheated with someone we love and trust.

I used to think about this cheating thingy. Whether I'm the one who cheat or my partner will cheat. But whatever happens, I'm not gonna put the highest rate of hope, I maybe sad, sad like insane but that will be temporary, I only depend on Allah, He will never break us and He's the one who cure our pain right?

Be faithful, I love you.


  1. Assalamualaikum..yeah you are right, we need to always be careful with people coz sometimes the one who knows us..hurt us the most..

    1. Hihi, the one we love, hurt the most ;)
      Thanks for the comment


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