Meet my goth-sister and kpop-brother

I have siblings of different backgrounds but came from the same mother's womb. If you know my family well, you will see a lot of differences between me and my siblings. We three have our own style and personality.

My sister, Aida, is kinda like a gothic, she loves goth, punk style and she like black so much. She pursue diploma in Arts and Design at UiTM Sri Iskandar. She's kinda stubborn and rough too, and involve in fights a lot since school, she's one of the girl that her name up in the expelled list. Almost! haha Futhermore, she shops at Zalora so much. All of her shoes and accessories are from Zalora. And of course, black is her appearance. Sometimes I called her hipster hahahaha. She's friendly, easy to get along but not handle. When I bring her together to hangout with my friends, she's the one who talk so much until my friends ignore me and chat with her blergh.

And my brother, Amir. A boy but complicated. He's so choosy in styling, only wear branded clothes that fit his body perfectly. I kinda annoying with him because he spend so much in buying clothes. He loves that one teen stylo boutique at Taiping, Perak (he used to go there and a regular customer got faithful membership there) and High Cultured brand. Even clothes at Padini and FOS not in his list. I called him Kpop because he styled like those Kpop-boys and he loves watching Korean drama and reality shows. Anyway, he has a dark skin which I called Kpop-black. He has OCD like me but I'm hardworking, he's lazy.

While me? I am the lowest standard among my siblings. I style in a humble way. I don't care about brands and my clothes are cheap and affordable as long as the clothes fit me. I wear a cheap XL bawal that I bought from Muaz Textiles at Jalan TAR. And I love to wear jubah and blouse, I think jubah is easy and simple to style. Save money. I wear make up everytime when I'm going out and I will make sure that I'm not going out without getting my eyebrows and lips done. I wear skirts everywhere and it is hard to see me wearing trousers. I only wear trousers for extreme activitites. Even when I go through jungles, I will wear a comfort jubah with legging inside haha. That's all.

Sometimes, we are hard to get along because of different personality but trust me, I am an overly-attached sister. I like to kiss and hug my brother and sister a lot even actually they don't like it. I am a divergent, I'm natural. I'm independent among them because I am the eldest so I have a lot of commitments and responsibilities to take care of my little brother and sister. I wish they are all happy and safe.


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