The Essence of Time & Faith

I admit that I'm not a forgiver, to those who hurt me before or doing something nasty towards my dignity. All I do is, forget that person, freeze the moment and keep moving forward. I am too fragile. Too broken to be breakable.

Time heals
Faith gives strength.

These two things really work for me. Without time and faith I will never accept them anymore to be friends again.

And without love, I may be couldn't accept him. There's a part of him that I disliked, but then I forget the bad side because I do think about his kindness too and the good memories we had . Not all about him that I like, I'll get used to it someday.

Talk about accepting. Till then, x


  1. ehem post pasal ex? suka tajuk tu.

    1. alamak memang pun. haha obvious ke entry ni wakaka


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