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My Upcoming Birthday: 29th Aug

I'm turning 21st on 29th August 2015. I don't expect too much on my birthday like we all used to get psyched when our birthday is around the corner but I hope to be mature than before. I hope that I can be Lala who can let go of the past, a strong Lala who can go through thick and thin, Lala who don't depend on anyone else but Allah swt. I hope that on 29th August is not a very special date, nevertheless, I'll be in Johore Bahru because my cousin is married, so just like a normal day unless it only can be a special day if I pray so hard than before, yup. So no expectation on my birthday because what I expect will never happen. The only thing I’m comforting myself with right now is that I’ve ‘levelled up’. I thought it’d be nice to do a little post about some things I’ve learnt whilst I’ve been alive. And yes .. This is still part of my self-therapy in order to make myself feel less mortal than I already am.

I wish to be a kind woman who always help others in shaa Allah

I write to release my pain

I'm writing a novel just for you know which is the novel that not to be published (I don't plan to) because I wrote a story to express innermost thoughts. Writing is the only way to relieve my pain, it releases my pressure, my emotion and to remove my boredom. I'm not like the other bloggers who make a vlog on YouTube channel, I don't talk so much, I prefer to just write/type to make reviews, giving thoughts and tips yeahh I'm such a lame blogger or maybe I shall upgrade myself being a blogger how about that? That's what the motive why I blog since 2009. It gives me a full satisfaction every time when I finished writing / typing. And if I do a video, that is just to record some memories. In my writing, I will put some photos regarding the topic to make it not boring and so the reader will understand the topic when they see the pictures am I clear? Also, I'm not a good writer, I'm still learning some beautiful languages to improve my writing and make it…

UPM Student Life: #TipsMasukU

Congratulation for everyone who got offer from any universities from UPU result. Let me introduce myself back to you for those who first visiting this blog, hi my name is Lala, I'm 21 years old, pursuing study at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, taking Bachelor of Communication (Bacelor Komunikasi UPM) Majoring in Journalism. Well I'll be entering 5th semester and hi my juniors, I am your 3rd year senior! 

Life in university? How is it going? Is it fun? Well I can't deny to say that everyone will undergo culture shock in their new environment especially when you are separate with you families. Okay let me dig in detail, school (include boarding school) and university are very different. There's a lot of problems, challenge that you need to survive alone. You will have friends that can support you but you can't depend on them hundred percent.

Be yourself.  You don't just follow your friends everywhere them go, you can't depend on anybody or you can't just…

My windows 10 overview and some problems fixed

I want to write this entry in bahasa but I don't know to translate the title above into bahasa melayu however this entry will be written in Malay (sebab review semua untuk Malaysian). Jadi hari ini saya baru sahaja upgrade dari windows 8 ke windows 10 haha hambek kau setelah beberapa minggu menunggu notification daripada windows ahh macam bodoh je rupanya boleh je download dekat website windows tu ha.

Apa yang perlu anda lakukan untuk upgrade ke windows 10? Persediaannya ialah haha kesabaran yang tinggi. Mula-mula saya refresh dan reinstall laptop saya ada dekat setting, tapi korang tak boleh jugak pandai-pandai format korang punya laptop sendiri sebab semua akan hilang. Saya adalah back up plan saya, microsoft 2013 pun saya ada dia punya crack download dekat torrent. I just need that. Files etc bolehlah korang buat back up sendiri dalam hard disk ke hape.
Okay selepas sudah format ahh tak payah format pun takpe saya cuma nak bagi dia fresh and clean! so that my computer will run s…

Read and understand carefully.

She has the key to save him and change their situation. Regardless of how they got in this predicament , she STILL holds the key. Now she could give him the key and "set him free" but she doesn't trust him. She thinks if he could get away by any means he would and leave her . . . . to die! But he wants to save her regardless of their situation. He will stretch himself far and thin in order to save her to have her to hold her. However he's powerless to change anything his circumstance only but allows so much and unfortunately it will never be enough. Not enough to make her trust him and not enough to reach her. He'd break his own chains if he could but he simply can't. And even though she's the one dying, she has the most power. She could save them both but she would die before she trust him. And he'll eventually die without the key.