My Upcoming Birthday: 29th Aug

I'm turning 21st on 29th August 2015. I don't expect too much on my birthday like we all used to get psyched when our birthday is around the corner but I hope to be mature than before. I hope that I can be Lala who can let go of the past, a strong Lala who can go through thick and thin, Lala who don't depend on anyone else but Allah swt. I hope that on 29th August is not a very special date, nevertheless, I'll be in Johore Bahru because my cousin is married, so just like a normal day unless it only can be a special day if I pray so hard than before, yup. So no expectation on my birthday because what I expect will never happen. The only thing I’m comforting myself with right now is that I’ve ‘levelled up’. I thought it’d be nice to do a little post about some things I’ve learnt whilst I’ve been alive. And yes .. This is still part of my self-therapy in order to make myself feel less mortal than I already am.

I wish to be a kind woman who always help others in shaa Allah

So I've got an advanced birthday presents from my parents. Dad bought me two pair of shoes by Tiamo which is the brand of shoes that I only wear yeah because it's so comfortable and fit me very well while mum gave me two mini perfumes from Nutrimetics.

P/s: Yesterday I had a dream that every friends of mine bought a branded lipstick such as MAC, Chanel etc which cost about RM139 (price given by the dream) while I only can afford to buy RM7 cheap lipstick, poor me in dream and in reality  but it's true, I do bought a cheap lipstick cost RM7 which got no brand and my mascara only cost about RM12.90 by in2it 


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