UPM Student Life: #TipsMasukU

Congratulation for everyone who got offer from any universities from UPU result. Let me introduce myself back to you for those who first visiting this blog, hi my name is Lala, I'm 21 years old, pursuing study at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, taking Bachelor of Communication (Bacelor Komunikasi UPM) Majoring in Journalism. Well I'll be entering 5th semester and hi my juniors, I am your 3rd year senior! 

Life in university? How is it going? Is it fun?
Well I can't deny to say that everyone will undergo culture shock in their new environment especially when you are separate with you families. Okay let me dig in detail, school (include boarding school) and university are very different. There's a lot of problems, challenge that you need to survive alone. You will have friends that can support you but you can't depend on them hundred percent.

Be yourself. 
You don't just follow your friends everywhere them go, you can't depend on anybody or you can't just hang out with them when they say "Hey let's go out and have some fun!" No just be independent unless you don't have any task to do then go out with your friends. 

Communicate with your roommate.
I always have roommate issue once, well they're making noise a lot and also dirty. If this happen and you don't have any idea to solve it with your roommate then just do your own work and change room for the next semester haha. Hold on.

Save money. There's a lot of vendor/ shop that will be held in university area, so you need to cut down shopping especially girls unless if you are rich. Stay healthy and eat right  photo 30.gif

Active. In any sports, any activities, any events just go out. Get involve in campus activities. A big problem for a lot of new students is a combination of homesickness and a feeling of not quite belonging.  A solution? Consider joining a select group and be careful not to go overboard of student organizations, clubs, sororities or fraternities, or sports teams. You'll make new friends, learn new skills, and feel more connected to your school.

Don't be too nerd. This is not a school of course you can be nasty sometimes, skip class, attend late to class you can do that BUT DO YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. Don't just leave your responsible as a student, you are stupid if you don't commit in your work.

Commitment in group assignment. I also have problem in this when one of my group partner didn't give a commitment you can check out here Please please don't burdening your group partner, have some pity on them. They put so much effort to get the assignment done.

Don't dress up too much if you are not a communication student hahahha. Mass comm is not like the science nor agriculture student nor engineering nor medic. Mass comm should be classy and dress up to impress people. That is how we as a communication student work. Poyo you know poyo. Haha, just be humble.

Tips to be in love when entering university?  photo 2lat407.gif
1st: Don't.
2nd: Take at your own risk.
I do have a boyfriend who study at the same university but different college and faculty. But I know him before pursue degree and after finished my foundation so yeah, as long as we could handle it yah sometimes we broke, we fights and it's kinda distract my academics, so that's why I tell you don't fall in love too early you will regret soon. Plus, there's no any men that I'm interested except him so that's why I stay with him. So that's all maybe, I hope this entry from myself to you will give benefits to any fresh students, enjoy you life campus. Create a lot of memories and learn so hard. I mean life is so hard to live, stand secure on your own feet and if you do mistake, just forgive yourself and chin up. Pray a lot in shaa Allah. Have faith in Allah.


  1. nice one kak Lala. rasa tksabo tksmapai 2 tahun je lagi. insyaAllah, hihi :)


    1. I have provided my email on the sidebar,

  3. Hi! I read your blog and I'd like to ask you a question. For this program, is the course conducted in English 100% or not? Are the subjects taught in English or Malay? Please I need an answer asap because I was thinking of putting it as my first choice in UPU fasa 2.
    Thank you in advance!


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