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7 rules of life by Neelofa

An aspiration for me with these 7 rules of life by Neelofa, a famous Malaysian celebrity who has hijrah (changed) to be a better person than before like all we knew about her right. And I found that her words are so precious cause I feel it by the way and I hope it benefits my life. Nah, dah buat mindmap siap untuk korang semua ;)

Cara yang betul untuk memicit jerawat

Hai! Saya nak kongsikan tentang langkah-langkah untuk memicit atau memecahkan jerawat dengan cara yang betul, saya dapat info ini daripada twitter dan langkah ini didemonstrasikan oleh Dr Mehmet Oz dalam Oprah Winfrey. Sebab semua orang akan mengalami jerawat kan, and it is so irritating till we pop it here and there tapi kebanyakan orang selalu picit jerawat dengan cara yang salah termasuk saya sendiri haha. Okay, here's the correct ways to pop a pimple so we can avoid infections and scars. Gambar mungkin menggelikan.

That's all the techniques from Dr Oz. Re-published on my blog. Sorry if I used manglish on this post because I used to use english language so it makes me feel awkward and blank when typing malay but that doesn't mean I don't speak malay okay cuma dah biasa typing dalam english bila nak tulis bahasa melayu rasa blank you'll feel me.

Mid-5th-Sem Break

I woke up late today because I think that I've got nothing to do other than watching television. I don't know how to start typing actually hahaha I think it's been so long I didn't update my personal daily stories so it feels awkward, my life is not so perfect, kinda boring but actually I've got a lot of work to do in this semester. There's tasks to accomplish during semester break which is settle my final year project report and doing revision but I did not start it yet. I also have changed my template design, from black to pastel colour, music player available and I'm sorry if it kinda irritating your ear.

So tonight, I'm gonna start my work. I hope that I can manage my break productively-awesome.
Dimulakan dengan bismillah ~

To the people I love

Almost crying when typing this but this isn't a post to raise sympathy. To all people that I care and love, my prayer goes to them all. My parents, my siblings, my friends, people who supported me and also, him. I don't know if he remember me here and I kinda hurt a little when he didn't text me because he didn't even response my text on one day but I think he also got life without me. I know where I belong, I'm just an unimportant person for him. Just hoping he's doing fine.. And so I have to stand on my own two feet. I wish to call my parents everyday also. I feel so so.. lonely. I pray to all people that I love, may them protected and blessed by Allah. I don't want people who know me to know how depressed I am right now, how sick I am. That's why I rather express it on my blog.