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Make me another one

I don't have idea why every things want to hit me at one time until I feel so giving up and I don't want to continue my life anymore. This time, orang tak boleh nak advice untuk suruh saya "be strong, Lala." Saya dah tak nampak semua tu. Apa yang saya nampak sekarang problem problem dan problem. Saya tak tahu macam mana lagi nak harungi semua ni. You know what,, every relations that I have now semua bagai nak runtuh. Semua orang nak tinggalkan saya. Satu persatu. One left. Yang masih ada sekarang ni tinggal tunggu masa je untuk mereka pergi dari hidup saya. I don't know what is my fault. 
Furthermore, saya ni jenis yang hati lembut fragile, saya akan cuba jaga hati semua orang.. Tapi hati saya? Remuk pecah. Mungkin saya yang beremosi kot. Sebab saya sangat value every relations yang saya ada include friendships, family and also relationship. One have left me tinggal dua lagi. Tapikan, yang dah pergi tu digantikan dengan yang lebih baik tau.
 Oh Lord I hope everythi…

Trip to FlyFm

Another great chance to be there! As you know I also had several trips to another broadcast company like on my previous entry which you can check it on my archive. Besides, it's a great opportunity because it is related to my career soon haha in shaa Allah. I met the Djs of FlyFm and chit chat with them about broadcasting, radio and about umm their experiences etc. We went there under Broadcast Management course and by our own transport to Media Prima Company. Only 20 of us went there and another group will have a trip to EraFM.

Maggie was on air during our visiting to the conti but still, we can talked to her when she played the songs on radio. So, I asked a lot of question to Maggie

"Do you enjoy being DJ?"
"Are you a shy person? or could you motivate a shy person but s/he wants to be a DJ (which I was pointing at myself actually hihi)"
"How do you choose songs to be played on radio?"

Maggie answered perfectly and she's kinda motivated me because y…

Cruel World

"Being courageous is not the absence of fear, but the conquest of it."
You know that everybody make mistakes. The problem is, the mistake that we've made be a point for others to condemn us. And hate. And burn us. They were trying to correct us but not in a correct way. It should be in personally not in public. I am writing to express my thought so whoever read this I really fcuking hope that this entry will not make my readers feel like I am so wrong typing this and I don't blame anyone here. But I do have my own opinions too. I hate when people condemn me in social media where everybody can see it and try to burn me too. Where is my wrong to them? I am barely know about them either. And why me??

Maybe.. it is because of Lala. It's Lala.
It's me. Myself. Maybe.. Could be.

I could still remember the first time I created my social networks is because to express my love on it. It was on 2010 I guess, as recommended by my sister and I like it though. So I used i…