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"Being courageous is not the absence of fear, but the conquest of it."

You know that everybody make mistakes. The problem is, the mistake that we've made be a point for others to condemn us. And hate. And burn us. They were trying to correct us but not in a correct way. It should be in personally not in public. I am writing to express my thought so whoever read this I really fcuking hope that this entry will not make my readers feel like I am so wrong typing this and I don't blame anyone here. But I do have my own opinions too. I hate when people condemn me in social media where everybody can see it and try to burn me too. Where is my wrong to them? I am barely know about them either. And why me??

Maybe.. it is because of Lala. It's Lala.
It's me. Myself. Maybe.. Could be.

I could still remember the first time I created my social networks is because to express my love on it. It was on 2010 I guess, as recommended by my sister and I like it though. So I used it to enhance my writing and never thought that I can collected lotsa followers which mean they love it. It was so exciting until...
People who know Lala followed me.
And then they attacking me. Make fun of me among others.

I'm very humble yet so stupid right now. I can't even accept it. Because I don't know where is my wrong via social medias and what I have done to them? Clearly I've done nothing. Did I make them annoyed? What I do is enjoying myself on cyber but I can't believe that the people in silence back stab me. They looked like they support but they don't. Besides, I don't have a courage to fight back, to confront them I don't. I only be careful and ignore it all but somehow, it couldn't chill me though.

I felt so emotional because I am too fragile, I have a soft heart and fighting is not my style. I bet you if you put me in a match with the kids, I might lose the game. I am not that kind. I'm still in a progress to improve myself here and my intention is Lillahi Ta'ala in shaa Allah. So when the society feel annoyed about me, I push myself to over-think about what is my mistakes to them? I couldn't find it. If I make mistakes toward my friend, I immediately say sorry to them and say I was just kidding. Immediately correcting myself and swallowing my ego to my friends. Settled.

Know what? I also lost a friend that I trusted the most and when I tell my problems to her, I expected she will support me but she don't. She also hates me now. I am a rotten apple in her eyes. But I have move on and get over her I'm fine with that.

Oh maybe Allah wanted to test me.

Last night, there's two girls knocked my room's door and tried to invite me to go to some place for sharing something benefit at 7.30pm after Maghreb. So after I took a shower, I went there. And it was only me with those two girls. We're sharing some Islamic views together and it was a good opportunity that I have had. After the we're discussed the topic, I suddenly disclose about my problem. Ironically I barely know them, they were strangers to me but I burst into tears. Yup, I cried. In front of those girls that I barely know. With honesty, I only tell what is going on and I couldn't stop myself from crying. It was an embarrassing moment actually because in my life, I wouldn't want people to see my tears because I don't wanna raise sympathy and I don't want to look weak. No. But maybe Allah wanted to send me a help through them. 

I feel so relieved.  Alhamdulillah all praise to Him, He gave me so much bounties.
Been persuaded by them also.

Because the mistakes that we've done mature us. I hope you learn a lesson from my story.
If only and if you talk to me and know me inside out.
I will make sure to not make a trouble to my friends.
I would like to say sorry also.


  1. Salam lala!
    Senyum saya baca entry kamu kali sini,

    Lala, awak tahu tak awak beruntung sebab dalam berjuta Allah tu pilih awak untuk dekat denganNya. Tak semua orang terpilih tau, sebab mereka tu tak kuat macam awak.
    kenapa saya cakap awak kuat sebab sampai ke tahap ni pun awak still sabar walaupun awak menangis. :)

    Lala, saya faham rasa tu sebab saya adalah rasa sikit sikit, hihihi. Saya tahu awak gadis comel yang kuat dan sabar.

    Lala, berubah ni memang payah , memang akan menguji kita. Pasal orang yang sibuk mengata tu biarkan , memang sakit hati tapi lama lama diam le tuuu, kalau tak diam maknanya Allah nak bagi pahala percuma. Senyum ok!

    Kuat, stay positif dan jangan giveup tau.

    support dalam doa :)

    **maaf terpanjang komen**

    1. saya setuju dengan komen cik Liyana ni. terutama part Lala adalah gadis yang comel dan kuat dan sabar heeee.

      they just envy you, Lala. stay strong, stay beautiful :)

    2. Allah.. sweetnya korang. Speechless.
      Lala taktahu nak balas apa ni.
      Dan tak sangka langsung ada jugak insan seperti awak semua boleh prihatin macam orang dekat saya ni.
      Still, I have lotsa supporters.
      Thank you!!

  2. your fault is, it should be "what is my fault ......" or, "what have i wrongly done to them..." refer to the people of knowledge.

    in the other hand...
    be like a man (or woman, if youre feminist) who is building a house alone.
    When other people found out about it, they laugh, and belittle his/her action as useless.
    They do this everytime they see him.her doing the job.
    Until one day, they change their opinion, when the house is almost complete.

    Do you know how the man/woman managed to build the house alone, even with negative people beside him?

    He/She was a deaf man/woman. And he/she thought that other people are encouraging him all along.


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