Trip to FlyFm

Another great chance to be there! As you know I also had several trips to another broadcast company like on my previous entry which you can check it on my archive. Besides, it's a great opportunity because it is related to my career soon haha in shaa Allah. I met the Djs of FlyFm and chit chat with them about broadcasting, radio and about umm their experiences etc. We went there under Broadcast Management course and by our own transport to Media Prima Company. Only 20 of us went there and another group will have a trip to EraFM.

Maggie was on air during our visiting to the conti but still, we can talked to her when she played the songs on radio. So, I asked a lot of question to Maggie

"Do you enjoy being DJ?"
"Are you a shy person? or could you motivate a shy person but s/he wants to be a DJ (which I was pointing at myself actually hihi)"
"How do you choose songs to be played on radio?"

Maggie answered perfectly and she's kinda motivated me because you know I'm doing practical as a DJ Radio at PutraFM but still, I am a shy person, I'm not confident during my airtime but of course I can do it technically, I'm just feeling so blank sometimes! Now I know to be a good DJ. It's not easy actually.. A DJ radio is a multitask-er also and you cannot do mistakes during airtime!

These guys are so fun! The DJs of FlyFM at frequency of  95.8

Because there's too many cameras so I don't know which one should I pose and focus to! haha

Oh yea, we're also entered the conti of HotFM because the Dj, Nadia invited us to get in! Nadia is the best and friendly. Ahh but she's not in this photo, she was busy setting up her phone to take selfie with us hahaha. She's friendly and gila-gila sangat. She also shared tips to be slim in photo hahahha


  1. That's surely give a plenty of experienced to share with , it's almost like you're seeing an Idol at the front of your eyes . So definitely you guys feel blessed extra plus with happiness . Thanks for sharing this wonderful experienced ! :D

    - Syamsid Blog -


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