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How to be naturally beauty

Hi readers! Today's entry is about "How to", I write it not because I feel like I'm pretty so I want to advice you hahah hell no. I ain't perfect either but let just share about beauty!

Beauty is subjective.
It is depend on how human's eye see it.
And I don't think that being fake can enhance beauty.

I have one question here. Is it true people define someone by their heart
Because for me, the way I give my first impression to somebody is when I look at their appearance first not their heart. I believe that others also will judge someone based on their look. Our personality is actually have low priority in people's judgmental. Well I think so, that is my opinion.

One situation here. There is a boy who is dumb, kinda loser because he don't know how to socialize with people and he cannot communicate fluently. However, he got style, awesome, nice hairstyle and he always keep himself neat. So when he walks (in a good posture), people at first, think th…

50 questions get to know me

This is just for fun even takde orang pun nak ambil tahu but, I feel it is interesting dan lagipun lama dah tak buat tags ni, so yeah I hope I answer it honestly.

What will I do in semester break

Get done the final year project report (borang selidik)Decorate bedroomTeach Amir in math subjectCustomize my blogWork outImprove my cooking skills
Buy more kebaya and jubah dressesGet iPodNew hair in 2016

And so my brother read my blog and he saw my to-do-lists, he disagree with "teach Amir in math subject" then he said, "bila masa kau ajar aku math??". It really is, I taught him in math, I solved his problem tau cuma dia je taknak admit yang dia sebenarnya tak pandai bhahha. 

"Amir.. kau patut bersyukur, kau ada kakak yang cantik,,, sexy,,, hot..." said I. K lala memang perasan dan hanya perasan depan adik dia sahaja okayy.. And then he replied, "Ahhh!" Hahahaha bullshit la budak ni tak pernah nak admit about myself tau ee benci. Ok ignore all the perasan thingy that I said above.

Sem 5th, ended & it's Memories

Hi, sorry I've been away for too long. Busy with final year project, assignments and final exam so I decided to be silent for awhile and now I'm back. I finished my 5th semester on 31st, right before new year so I reeaally set to free! I got 7 papers that I'd seated last weeks and also I ended very early than the other students who still got exam till 9hb. Actually after exam I need to continue working on radio but I have things to do at home. My house is under renovation but today the renovation is done nonetheless, my family and I still clean up the big mess. I will show you my room after I finish tidy up my room, it takes lotsa time to clean because I got a pretty big room actually and there's a lot of stuffs that I need to organize ahh I'm so tired.

Here some pictures as memories of my 5th semester.

Well I need to go back to UPM to get my leftover stuffs there and gonna meet some friends before the semester break.

And Oh by the way, I would like to say Happy Ne…