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My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro502. Follow me:-


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H E L L O !

My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro 502. Follow me:-


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

Hi readers! Today's entry is about "How to", I write it not because I feel like I'm pretty so I want to advice you hahah hell no. I ain't perfect either but let just share about beauty!

Beauty is subjective.
It is depend on how human's eye see it.
And I don't think that being fake can enhance beauty.

I have one question here. Is it true people define someone by their heart
Because for me, the way I give my first impression to somebody is when I look at their appearance first not their heart. I believe that others also will judge someone based on their look. Our personality is actually have low priority in people's judgmental. Well I think so, that is my opinion.

One situation here. There is a boy who is dumb, kinda loser because he don't know how to socialize with people and he cannot communicate fluently. However, he got style, awesome, nice hairstyle and he always keep himself neat. So when he walks (in a good posture), people at first, think that he is professional and perfect because of his versatile look. Can you imagine that? Do you understand what am I gonna talk about? I've got more example to give but I think this one can open up your eyes.

My point is the appearance is important. 
Eventhough we're not that good. We have flaws here and there.
But the society will look at our appearance first and then judge our personality.

So how to be naturally beauty? I put "naturally" because I want to reflect on enhancing yourself, body, and mind. Hope you'll enjoy!

Believe that you are beautiful. One tips to build confident by Lala is to look at the ugly people but don't judge them! They are human also, we just want to be grateful to feel that "Oh I'm so lucky I'm not that ugly / I'm prettier than her". Don't try to "explore" on Instagram otherwise you would get insecurity.
 photo thh.jpg

Maintain your health. The most efficient way is by eating a balanced diet and also getting plenty of exercise. Start by walking with friends, taking up dancing, or start to jog around the block every day. If you're lazy, you can just have a light work out in your room or do some heavy works like clean up your house and everything and most important, drink a lot of water! I don't want to advice to not drinking carbonates or don't eat foods that contain a large amount of calories because I eat whatever I want  and I am not a person who will starve myself!
 photo thh.jpg

Exfoliate and scrub your skin. Make sure to wash your face everytime you wake up and whenever you want to go to bed. That's all. Wear any products that you want cause I don't care about chemicals hahah. And nope, I don't wear any moisturizer because I scare if it irritates my (lead to pimples) skin but I wore bb cream + sunblock 
 photo thh.jpg

Get your hairstyle! Even if you wear hijab but that doesn't mean that you can neglect to take care of your hair. Did you know that your hair will give odor when you wear hijab and can make your hijab smell like shit, so that's why I told you to manage your hair properly.

Go work out to get a slim bodyshape. I mean a hot body. It's easy to find a girl who has a pretty face but it's not easy to find a girl who is pretty and got a slim shape of body because even if she's ugly, she can use make up but, the body? Sit up and squats are the exercise that we should focus on. Tell me how long you want to keep your fats in your body?

Smile. You'll reveal a new you. 

Stand tall with great posture. Roll your shoulders a few times to feel where they should be. Keep your chin up, pretty.

Open up your mind and always always always asking other's opinion about how's your look. Sometimes we don't know that the clothes we wear actually suit us, don't be such a jerk like "Lantaklah aku nak pakai apapun janji selesa!" Well bitch hahah. Why are you reading this if you're still have a mind like that? Sometimes when our friends compliment us it means the clothes that we wear very suit us, or when we ask for their opinion but then they response, "Okay la.. okay jea." Umm nope there's something wrong actually. It's easy to read people's mind sometimes.

Be sparing with makeup. Don't let your face bloated and look like shit. Make up build my confidence. I don't want to look slut. However, if you don't want to wear make up, you can watch this video, it's a good tips 

I hope it's benefit you. Thank you for spending time on this entry. Stay tuned! image

This is just for fun even takde orang pun nak ambil tahu but, I feel it is interesting dan lagipun lama dah tak buat tags ni, so yeah I hope I answer it honestly.


  1. Get done the final year project report (borang selidik)
  2. Decorate bedroom
  3. Teach Amir in math subject
  4. Customize my blog
  5. Work out
  6. Improve my cooking skills


  1. Buy more kebaya and jubah dresses
  2. Get iPod
  3. New hair in 2016

And so my brother read my blog and he saw my to-do-lists, he disagree with "teach Amir in math subject" then he said, "bila masa kau ajar aku math??". It really is, I taught him in math, I solved his problem tau cuma dia je taknak admit yang dia sebenarnya tak pandai bhahha. 

"Amir.. kau patut bersyukur, kau ada kakak yang cantik,,, sexy,,, hot..." said I. K lala memang perasan dan hanya perasan depan adik dia sahaja okayy.. And then he replied, "Ahhh!" Hahahaha bullshit la budak ni tak pernah nak admit about myself tau ee benci. Ok ignore all the perasan thingy that I said above.

So this is my bedroom, still organizing and cleaning up, I got lotsa stuffs that I bring back from my hostel. I wanna have a new wallpaper actually and then decorate my bed's background, printing some quotes and my pictures and then paste it as a background like on tumblr's bedrooms. I got 3 pillows actually but the other 2 pillows is in my car I'm too lazy to take it out haha. Everything that I bring back from hostel is in my car.
Hi, sorry I've been away for too long. Busy with final year project, assignments and final exam so I decided to be silent for awhile and now I'm back. I finished my 5th semester on 31st, right before new year so I reeaally set to free! I got 7 papers that I'd seated last weeks and also I ended very early than the other students who still got exam till 9hb. Actually after exam I need to continue working on radio but I have things to do at home. My house is under renovation but today the renovation is done nonetheless, my family and I still clean up the big mess. I will show you my room after I finish tidy up my room, it takes lotsa time to clean because I got a pretty big room actually and there's a lot of stuffs that I need to organize ahh I'm so tired.

Here some pictures as memories of my 5th semester.

My desk is quite small so I didn't put a lot of stuffs, I need to save some space for studying. I'm gonna miss it.

Here is my room (at hostel) look like. I always keep my things organized because I need to live in a comfortable place. I also will move to a new room on the next semester so this is my last view of my room.

Ahha during examination, I drive  photo 42.gif  to exam hall early and while waiting for the exam to start, I used the time to read the notes however bukannya ingat pun ~

This photo I captured during my last paper. As usual, I will always come early when I got exam so that I won't be in rush that's why I can selfie and texting. I hope I will come early to class on the next semester, next semester is my last semester after that, I'll be finish studying and grad. I wanna leave everything in UPM. Be gone. This was on 31st December haha, last photo on 2015.

Well I need to go back to UPM to get my leftover stuffs there and gonna meet some friends before the semester break.

And Oh by the way, I would like to say Happy New Year. May 2016 bring an essence of happiness to you all, be positive and calm, there's no way to give up in life and remember that everything's planned by Allah, in His beautiful and creative way in shaa Allah. Bye  photo th31.gif