Preparation for the last semester

I only have one week to prepare stuffs to go back to the campus but I'm not ready, mentally. Maybe I will start packing my stuffs tomorrow. It will be my last study-semester ever in my life! And then, I'll be leaving. Nevertheless, I am clearly blur about my future. I kinda worried about it very much. And I'll be leaving everything that I have had in UPM. Time flies so fast. I'm gonna miss everyone that I know in campus. Screw emotional!

Whatever will be, will be.
I'll leave the rest to Allah. I'll plan, and He'll fulfill it.

This is all I've got. I have done packing my toiletries, face and body product and etc including my make up haha. Oh yah, I'll be pack my clothes two days before I leave my home.

I hope everything went well. I wanna enjoy my campus life very much

You know, I have watched The Return of Superman (Korean's reality show of kids) episode 116 and it's kinda frustrating that it was the last episode of Daehan, Minguk and Manse. Yep, I actually cry over them haha. I'll miss their dad too, Song Il Kook. I feel like my life is over, without them, there's no more cheers in me. Of course, I'm cryinggg!! How can I get updates from them, anyone know??


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  2. Assalam Lala, maaf lama tak singgah blog awak ,
    lala, semoga dipermudahkan urusan last semester , mungkin last sem ni banyak cabaran lebih banyak dari yang lepas2 ,

    based on my exprience , tapi kan yana tahu awak boleh kan! ,

    have a happy semester lala! :)

    1. Wassalam.
      Hi, its you again. Glad you still got time to visit my average blog.
      I hope my next (last) semester will be the best that I have ever had!

  3. I think the only way to keep updated with these lovelies kiddos life ; follow their dad's twitter and ig. maybe he will sometimes update about their kids whereabouts like Tablo and his daughter, Haru :)


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