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My first week of 6th semester

Hi, I'm back. It's been awhile that I'm not posting about my personal life, so, how are you, I hope you guys have a nice day today.
6th semester is my last semester, for your information.

Subjects that I am taking in semester 6:
1) Basic in advertising2) Small group in communication3) Radio Production and Presentation technique4) Ethics in communication5) Entrepreneurships in communication6) Final year project (Part B)Total = 17 credits. I am very relieved because I only have to take 5 subjects in this semester, not like on the last semester, it was a super hectic that I was barely able to cope, I also didn't manage to finish the whole thing for my final year project and I have to go for practical as a radio announcer at PutraFM. However alhamdulillah I got a good result for the last semester. I did it.

So now, everything has settled, I just need to focus doing my final year project and study. I also working part time as a DJ Radio if I didn't have classes on that d…