My first week of 6th semester

Hi, I'm back. It's been awhile that I'm not posting about my personal life, so, how are you, I hope you guys have a nice day today.
6th semester is my last semester, for your information.

Subjects that I am taking in semester 6:
  • 1) Basic in advertising
  • 2) Small group in communication
  • 3) Radio Production and Presentation technique
  • 4) Ethics in communication
  • 5) Entrepreneurships in communication
  • 6) Final year project (Part B)
  • Total = 17 credits.
I am very relieved because I only have to take 5 subjects in this semester, not like on the last semester, it was a super hectic that I was barely able to cope, I also didn't manage to finish the whole thing for my final year project and I have to go for practical as a radio announcer at PutraFM. However alhamdulillah I got a good result for the last semester. I did it.

So now, everything has settled, I just need to focus doing my final year project and study. I also working part time as a DJ Radio if I didn't have classes on that day. I'll be on air starting on the second week of the semester which is this week, you better listen to the radio (even if I'm not on air) okay! 90.7FM or online streaming at 

It is my hostel's room tour section! I actually don't have a lot of stuffs to bring back to UPM, I only brought what I'll need and what I'll wear otherwise I just left it at my home.

My workspace. I don't want to put a lot of stuff on my table.


For me, I think it is still look a bit messy maybe due to the wall.

I got bunch of foods include instant mee, sugar, milk powder, mushroooms, instant soup, barley and milo. Aight, I may be edit this entry because I was rushing to my class right now. Okay bye! 

Wondering tak where did I put my make up stuffs? Hahah, I actually don't have a bunch of make up like other girls have. I actually have a little secret about how I used my make up. This is because I don't have a lot of money to spend it on cosmetics, I will use whatever I have sampai habis
But no worries, I will make another entry about my make up ok.


  1. all the best for your new sem lala :) and kemasnyaaa bilik hahaha cantik sangat. i wish saya rajin macam awak kakaka

    1. Haha sebenarnya saya pun tak rajin. Tapi saya tak boleh duduk dalam keadaan yang messy and dirty >_<

  2. Salam , hi lala,
    suka betul tengok lala susun all the stuff,
    teringat pulak time study , lepas beli barang keperluan terus susun susun semangat new sem,

    saya pon , tak boleh sangat sepah sepah , sekrang kat rumah pon kalau adik2 selerak kan buku dia fuh stress, hehhe.

    apapun All the best new sem! :D

    1. Wassalam. Hi, hehe thank you. Tulah tak suka sepah sepah, kalau sepah pun mesti nak kemas balik lawa-lawa.

  3. TGOK mkanan tu teringatt zmn hostel bawak stok maknan mcm tuu :D

    1. auch.. mesti nanti lepas habis study lala rindu semua ni

  4. i just scrolling down, looking through all your pictures until i saw your chair.And i was like "eh, ni kerusi Serumpun"..hahahha..then i scolled up and read your entry..well, hello fellow UPMian! Rindu betul kat UPM..

    1. Yes!! serumpun. Hahahhaa, uit UPM jugak ke haha hai..

  5. Hi lala
    First time singgah sini hehe btw all the best for your study and study elok elok tau

  6. your room is so pretty. you made a somewhat ugly hostel room beautiful

    1. Thank you rasya. Yeah i know, this hostel room is kinda tiny and the wall is dirty, somehow, i decorated it with a shawl

  7. Tengok je meja study ni, rindu plak zaman² blaja dlu. Hehehe...


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