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Make a wish in your life

For a person who do not know what they're living for - like me, don't do a grant wish, don't have plans and don't know what is the objective to live. For me, all my expectations never came true. Sometimes it turns wrong, turn to be blamed but never right. So I asked God to plan for me, perfectly and safe. I only seek to be protected in this dunya and akhirah. For a weak and insecure person like me fear the most things in this world. I only know when I get hurt, when I turn down, The Lord just want to test me and I bet maybe because I do something which make Him angry. I get sick a lot too.

Just remember that Allah always loves you, more than your parents / your friends or your spouse love you. So that you will know that everything hit you may be for a purpose. He won't let you down with no reason. You just need to be strong and don't blame your Lord.

When you have something that you wish, plan strategically to accomplish it also inset with dua'. In this lif…

Best Flower Delivery Service: Bloom2u

Hello readers! It's been awhile I neglect my blog. In this entry I want to introduce about a website that has really made it to the top of my favourite bookmark lists! I tengah cari this one a fresh flower delivery service hari tu because the Puchong florist yang I biasa guna wasn’t available, so I cari la online. That’s how I found Bloom2U. Quite lucky of me la pasal senang citer sikit nak cari someone yang reti prepare flowers for funeral arrangement.

Convenient benar as I cepat jer jumpa what I wanted under Sympathy & Funeral bawah tab Occasions diorang.

Just take a look dekat gambar ni! There are various of designs and the pricing selection pun quite affordable. Memang I can’t complain la regarding to their beautiful design, fresh pulak tu. Pricing fair, design cun, delivery service pun from what I dah experience not bad la. Diorang definitely delivered on their promises.

Furthermore, apa yang truly make me attracted is about how simple in using their…