I found someone better

If you want to look for beauty. As soon as you get married to her. 10 minutes later, you'll see that the bridesmaids look better than her.

If you want to look for money. Soon enough, there will be a man who are richer than him. Who drives a better car than him. Who owns a bigger house than him.

" I found someone better for me "
" Me too "
" So I guess this is the end "
" But, I close my eyes for them, I still choose you "

There's always someone better.
And this is where it is all about. It's about gratitude. It's about loyalty. Who can stays with you unconditionally. Who doesn't look for the perfection inside you but creates the perfection inside you. Who can accept your flaws and changes it into your specialty. Who can grow up together with you through thick and thin. Who can face the difficulties with you and finally together gain the victory. Who doesn't find it. But makes it.

Remember, we can't make people stay with us after letting them know our past and see our flaws. Those who decided to stay are those who are worth to keep. And remember, if they want to make a leave for your imperfection. Let them leave. Grow up. Be amazing. Prove them that you were still alive after being killed. Soon, you'll be higher than them.

And remember, if they want to come back you. Know that, as before this they can't accept your past, now then, they also don't deserve your future. A loser will always looking for perfection. They can't stop for it. They are a greedy and impatient asshole. When you were flawed. Find and fight for someone who are going to lift you. Not someone who are going to leave you. - Luqman San


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