Wyon Series Lens

I just bought a new circle lens so this is the first time I'm wearing a lens which is totally out from my original eye colour. But it is good to try a korean lens, it's actually not bad at all compared to another expensive branded contact lens at the optic store. I prefer cheap korean lens but make sure that it is original otherwise your eyes may be at risk. I only bought a pair of contact lens because I just want to try buying it at another instashop who sell contact lens. Well it is comfortable as usual I got no problem wearing with this lens. Besides, if you want to look like a barbie fake, sparkling, and cute this is absolutely suitable for you hahahha 

Brand: Candylicious
Diameter: 14.0mm
Colour: Grey
Price: RM25 (including poslaju)                       Instagram: @ dindalicious.my


  1. cantik! teringin nak guna lens tapi takut! :3

  2. Wow nice. I've wanted to give a try on lens. but then my doctor suggests me to not wearing any. Because I ada silau - pretty high and it quite bahaya and stuff. So I cant TT__TT
    But you look nice!

    1. oh really.. I ada silau jugak and it's sometimes make my eyes irritated when I wear contact lens >_<

  3. wahhh cantiknyaaa :D
    teringin jugak nak pakai lens. tapi takut+seram :)


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