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Cara memilih warna foundation dengan betul

Hey girls! Entri kali ini saya nak kongsikan tips dan cara memilih warna foundation dengan betul. Check balik foundation yang korang dah beli tu betul ke tidak warna atau shades tu kena pada warna kulit korang? Atau terlebih putih sampai tangan dengan muka lain sungguh?! Well actually mengikut tips Lala (hahahha) kalau foundation korang bila pakai tu nampak cerah atau lebih putih dari kulit muka tettt! Korang dah salah pilih warna foundation ok. Foundation ni bukan boleh buat main, bukan takat pilih asalkan muka korang nampak putih, benda ni sebenarnya untuk memberikan impak flawless bukannya cerah.

This is why foundation is important. Sebab semakin berumur, kulit kita bukan 100% flawless! Hanya baby je takde flaws, nak lawa pakai la foundation wakaka.
With and without foundation images:-

Oleh itu, lala akan kongsikan tips memilih warna foundation yang tepat dalam entri kali ini.
Ketika membeli foundation, mesti kita akan rasa kesukaran dalam memilih mana satu foundation yang sesuai un…

Grooming his eyebrows

Well it's kinda irritating nak mekapkan orang lelaki sebab diorang ni suka gerak-gerak but anyway I did it! Nampak gembira sangat tengok dia hahahha. Sorry video tak berapa nak elok sebab buat portrait view patut buat landscape kan. So yah, enjoy. Hoping that I can do his make up again in better quality.

Sit Still, Look Pretty

Well hello my readers! I hope you guys are doing fine and stay in a healthy mode. It's been a while since my last personal update published on this blog and I've been busy during my internship at BERNAMA which I got no time to blog. So far so good here, got tons of friends and acquaintances, plus to tell you that I'm in a very comfortable zone at my office haha maybe due to being close with the staff members. Besides, I kinda love them more. I know that I am too young to say that I have learned so much things day by day as I take it a challenges for me to live.

Today I posted this entry because I just finished my article write up about MAHA 2016 and it is a relief, moreover, I just had a date last night with someone who I couldn't describe what position he is in my heart! hahahha.

Here I attached my photos and selfie for ya. Recap. Nov - Dec 2016.