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Phiro Back Support Prevent Slouching

Phiro really helps my back and event can prevent from slouching! OMGG I finally found a "braces" for my back. Well you know, we always sit and stand with the wrong posture but it is not good to our health actually, by sitting or standing with the wrong posture (slouching) it could make your bone curve forwardly about 50° exceed so yeah like a hunchback you know haha I'm just kidding! 

I noticed this product via social media because I really need it for my shoulder, plus, my mother also need it because she complain that she's having back pain. So I found one of the product from Jonlivia is really unique and brings a lot of benefit for healthy lifestyle.
My expression when wearing Phiro When I'm wearing Phiro, it looks like quite tight on my body but it is not. The Phiro perfectly attach on my body and lifted up my shoulder gently. I felt so comfortable when wearing it, but it case if you fee uncomfortable, you may adjust the strip as well.

How Phiro can do?Comfortably…

BERNAMA News Channel Launched 4 new TV programs

Congratulation to BERNAMA News Channel (BNC) for their new programs- talk shows on upcoming April 2017 over Astro channel 502, HyppTV 410, MyTV 121, on portal of and

Also present at the launch were Bernama chairman Datuk Seri Azman Ujang, Bernama editor-in-chief Datuk Zakaria Abdul Wahab, Bernama deputy editor-in-chief (Domestic News Service) Datuk Mokhtar Hussain and Bernama deputy editor-in-chief (Economic News Service) Mikhail Raj Abdullah. 
"We hope the new programmes will increase BNC viewership as I believe the programmes are really interesting and very informative and beneficial to the viewers. And of course, we will improve it from time to time. " says Hakimi Mohd Zain, BNC's Director of Operations at the launch of the new programs here today.

The (4) TV Programs1) Nine-11
Concept: Relaxed, informative and light-hearted talk show in Bahasa highlighting the current issues in Malaysia.
Time: Every Moday to Friday @ 9.00 AM - 11.00 AM

Power Rangers 2017 Movie Review

I woke up with "Power Rangers" crossed my mind.  I watched the movie at TGV Aeon Rawang. Power Rangers is my childhood film all the time but hey don't get confuse because I was born on 1994, I wasn't watch the movie on 1995 crap, I watched it when I was 5 (flashback movie). That is why I get a huge excite to watch the movie after 17 years bro hahahha.
1995: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie1997: Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie2017: Power Rangers

Synopsis"Five ordinary teens must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove - and the world - is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it's too late, band together as the Power Rangers." - Google source It's a science fiction and action film directed by Dean Israelite.

My honest rating…

SKINEYE, skincare from Korea is officially launched in Malaysia

SKINEYE, the series of skincare product from Korea with high popularity and demand is officially landed in Malaysia.

SKINEYE Malaysia have been launched by Datin Seri Yeoh Swee Lin, the wife of Minister (II) International Trade and Industry and at the same the President of Puspanita MITI. She will officiate together with Ambassador of SKINEYE Malaysia, Jeffrey Cheng (Famous actor). SKINEYE Malaysia is organized by Joshua Twe as the Chief Executive, Rika Lim as the Chief Operation, Ida Maslina as the Chief Marketing and Dr Hazane as the Branding Director. They are all works together to penetrate the Malaysia market and indtroduce SKINEYE product as a natural base skincare range.

There are door-gift that consist of complimentary products given away to the guests as a token of appreciation. I also win the lucky draw which consist skincare products wow it's so excited to try out the product! Hopefully my face will be flawless like Korean too hehe.

Other than whitening and rejuvenate t…

Hearty Produk Kesihatan Premium untuk Jantung

MENYEDARI bahawa penyakit jantung merupakan satu daripada “silent killer” dalam kalangan lelaki dan wanita di seluruh dunia, ramai pengguna kini sudah mula mencuba mencari alternatif untuk menjaga dan mengawal gaya hidup dengan cara yang lebih sihat. Alternatif tersebut turut merangkumi bagaimana seseorang pengguna itu menitik beratkan pola dan corak pengambilan makanan pada setiap hari bagi membantu mengekalkan kesihatan dalaman.
Pharmasa Nutrition Sdn. Bhd tampil dengan Jus Hearty sebagai salah satu produk makanan tambahan yang terbaik buat mereka yang menitik beratkan kesihatan dalaman terutama jantung.

Menurut pengasas Jus Hearty, Tuan Azrul Hisham Tuan Llah, inisiatif produk ini dihasilkan adalah bagi memberi kemudahan buat para pengguna yang prihatin dengan kesihatan jantung masing-masing menerusi amalan pemakanan yang menggunakan bahan semula jadi sebagaimana yang diamalkan secara tradisional oleh orang terdahulu.

Manfaat Jus HeartyMenormalkan paras kolestrolMelancarkan peredaran…

Lazada 5th Birthday

What do you love about Lazada Malaysia? Nowadays in this digital era where everything is supported by technology, it makes our lives much easier. Good thing that we now have online shopping malls such as Lazada, a platform to shop effortless and super convenient. Lazada is the place where I can shop hundreds of thousands of products across categories including health and beauty, home and living, fashion, mobiles and tablets, consumer electronics and home appliances. Lazada perfect for all shopping needs not just for me, but for everyone too. Not like other online shopping platform, I like when some items can be purchase by cash on delivery through online shopping! Furthermore, Lazada also increased the awareness of local online shoppers about the possibilities and benefits of purchasing products online that rendered the local e-commerce industry more open to other forms of doing business online.

Top three Product picks from Lazada Malaysia1) Home & Living | Ikea Dressing Table

2) El…

Stellavingze International anjur Sambutan Hari Wanita Sedunia

Pada 8 Mac, mari kita mengingati diri kita tentang betapa majoriti wanita masih menghadapi kesusahan dan berjuang: ibu tunggal masih menghadapi masalah untuk memenuhi keperluan hidup, pekerja wanita menghadapi masalah masa kerja panjang dan gaji rendah, wanita pribumi menghadapi kemusnahan tanah, budaya dan mata pencarian; wanita pelarian yang mencari perlindungan dan keselamatan bagi diri mereka dan keluarga; wanita migran yang mencari kebebasan dari kehambaan zaman moden dan penghinaan. Setiap hari wanita ini menghadapi pelbagai bentuk diskriminasi.
Sambutan Hari Wanita Sedunia Anjuran Stellavingze
Sebagai sebuah badan organisasi yang membantu wanita seluruh dunia untuk mengecapi kebahagiaan, Stellavingze International telah mengadakan sebuah majlis makan malam untuk mengumpulkan wanita Malaysia yang telah banyak menyumbang kepada pembangunan ekonomi dan kemakmuran negara.
Tujuan majlis ini diadakan adalah untuk menggalakkan wanita di Malaysia untuk keluar daripada zon selesa mereka da…

Counting down Traveloka Bigger Sale on 10th March 2017

Hello my lovely readers especially those who are traveler-readers! I have a good news to tell you that a bigger sale is coming soon. An abration sale which include international and domestic flight and hotel deals to any of your favourite holiday destinations, around Malaysia and International.

I was just doing an “online-mingling” to find some things that value for money to plan a holiday trip until I found OMG I can’t wait for the sale abration that offers by Traveloka because I really want a perfect holiday trip for my family so, I guess Traveloka is the best platform for travel planning hahah.. With Traveloka, I really don’t need to worry about the hotel booking, flight tickets and the cost that I will expense.

Sale-Abration CampaignOk let me tell you behind the Sale-Abration campaign. The Sale-Abration is an online travel fair brought to you by Traveloka offering amazing flight and hotel deal across a wide variety of domestic and international destinations well there’…

Wishlist saya dari ShopBack

Sempena ulang tahun Shopback Malaysia yang ke-2, pada tarikh 22 Febuari, saya nak rebut peluang untuk menang hadiah untuk harijadi saya. Jadi, saya nak sertakan beberapa "Birthday Wishlist" saya dalam entri ini dimana kesemua wishlist tersebut adalah berpandukan peniaga-peniaga yang berkolaborasi dengan ShopBack. Berikut merupakan birthday wishlist saya.

Wishlist #1 | Shoes From Christy NG
OMG nak sangat kasut custom made dari Christy NG. Ni yang lala pilih.
Total harga ialah RM614.80, namun jika menggunakan ShopBack, saya akan dapat 8% cashback daripada ShopBack iaitu dapat rebat sebanyak RM49.18 daripada harga RM614.80

Wishlist #2 | Fujifilm Instax Mini Kamera Cashback sebanyak 1.5%. Jadi saya akan dapat RM9.16 rebat.

Wishlist #3 | Set berus mekap Zoeva dari Sephora Dengan cashback sebanyak 8%, saya akan dapat rebat sebanyak RM39.50 daripada jumlah RM494.00 beli dari
Wishlist #4 | Jam Tangan Elle dari Zalora ShopBack menawarkan 9% cashback pembelian dari Zalora. Oleh it…

PastaMania - The largest Italian restaurant is now available in Malaysia!

As I stepped into the newly opened restaurant, I felt as if I was transported from Malaysia to Italy with the shopfront designs and alfresco like seating. What a great ambiance to dine in! The space has a charming, market-in-Italy kind of vibe. PastaMania restaurant perfectly encapsulates Italy in their cozy little restaurant in Klang Valley. I experienced a huge part of Italy just by dining in PastaMania in Klang Valley, Malaysia – great food, rich culture, classic and amazing services staff, everything you can expect from this authentic restaurant in Italy at a fraction of the price!

"Moments and memories of simple pleasures for families and friends brought to you by the convenience of wholesome Italian experience."

Unique Concept of PastaManiaDine in Italy - Italian piazza concept.Quality & Affordability - Best ingredients from Italy and Europe.Customized Menu - Choose your past.Freshly cooked - Pasta served within 5 minutes.

Casual Italian DiningThe restaurant is differ…

I got my first lips filler & laser treatment at Premier Clinic

I would like to tell you my aesthetic story at Premier Clinic Puchong Branch which they invited me to have a facial treatment at their clinic and I chose to do laser for my skin and lips filler. I'll be reviewing all the moments I have encountered with fully details. The doctor who was in charge to do my facial treatment named Dr. Michelle Lai oh yaa click here if you want to know more about their doctors.

During the consultation, I'll get a brief by Dr Lai about the treatment which included types, functions, techniques, side effects, costs and how to care. As per mentioned, I have selected dermal filler and carbon laser for that day.
My face need to be cleaned first from make up and dirt. After cleansing, they were using Numbing Cream (macam bius) that act to reduce the immediate feeling of pain and produce numbness. It will block the pain signal sent by the nerve endings on the skin so you will feel less pain macam tu.

Carbon Laser: before I undergo a carbon laser, my face n…