Counting down Traveloka Bigger Sale on 10th March 2017

Hello my lovely readers especially those who are traveler-readers! I have a good news to tell you that a bigger sale is coming soon. An abration sale which include international and domestic flight and hotel deals to any of your favourite holiday destinations, around Malaysia and International.

I was just doing an “online-mingling” to find some things that value for money to plan a holiday trip until I found OMG I can’t wait for the sale abration that offers by Traveloka because I really want a perfect holiday trip for my family so, I guess Traveloka is the best platform for travel planning hahah.. With Traveloka, I really don’t need to worry about the hotel booking, flight tickets and the cost that I will expense.

Sale-Abration Campaign

Ok let me tell you behind the Sale-Abration campaign. The Sale-Abration is an online travel fair brought to you by Traveloka offering amazing flight and hotel deal across a wide variety of domestic and international destinations well there’s a lot though, you can go anywhere you want. Besides, the Traveloka Sale-Abration is catered for sorts of travelers such as solo traveler, families, group of friends etc. For me, of course travelling with families.

  • Flight deals: You can compare flight deals across multiple airlines and book the best deal value for your money to your dream destination - whether domestic or international
  • Hotel deals: Traveloka has partnered with a wide variety of hotels across Southeast Asia to bring you exclusive hotel deals you cannot miss available only at Traveloka

Check out their online Travel Fair here. Yup, it’s online to those who are lazy to go any fair which need to drive, walking and hate get stuck in crowded. So it will be much easier for you to shop at your fingertips aight.

About Traveloka

Traveloka is a one-stop flight and hotel booking platform for domestic and international destinations that makes searching, booking and managing your next trip hassle-free. Besides, you can book your next flight or hotel using Traveloka’s free app or website and get the best flight and hotels deals for your next trip all in one platform

Why should you book with Traveloka

  • Best All-round Convenience: Solution for booking cheap flight tickets and hotels in Southeast Asia with great savings
  • Best price: Competitive prices for flight tickets and hotel booking
  • Honest price: What you see is what you pay. No hidden charge

How to book?

In case if you are new to Traveloka, you may learn some few simple steps that provided by them. This also includes “How to Book Flight”, “How to Book Hotel”, and “How to Pay”. You see... this is how I am in love choosing Traveloka as my personal platform for travelling. Click on this link to get a guidance on their website.

It’s a perfect time for you to plan a trip with Traveloka without any worries, they will manage everything just for you. Moreover, in two days more (starting from today: 7th March 2017), Traveloka will start a Travel Fair which offers the biggest sale on their website and you can just shop at your fingertips. Hurry up click on this link and drop your email address to make sure that you will be one of the first to be notified when the Traveloka Sale-abration begins and also to be in the loop for future travel deals.

Surely will be much easier and faster to book flight tickets and hotel booking if you are using the Traveloka App that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. Go download now on this link! Have a nice day traveler-readers!


  1. awal awal plan ne ke mana so nanti sale terus beli!

    1. Yup, plan awal2 senang takyah last minit. Haa teruskan menanti Travel Fair ni

  2. suka subscribe newsletter dari traveloka nie. banyak betul promotion dia :D


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