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G9 Skin Korea Review

Hi guys!! Finally back with another review. This review is sponsored in any way, Todays review is the G9 Skin Korea Review, have you heard about it? Well I guess neither I am.

When I unpacked the parcel, I was amazed that the packaging of the skincare is super adorable! I feel like I don't want to use it at all because it's too cute. However, I have to do the review as per requested.

Now, onto the review!

I received 3 products in one packaging, 1) G9 Skin White in Milk Whipping Foam 120ml, 2) G9 Skin Milk Toner 30mland 3) G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream 50g. 

I already washed my hand by using the whipping foam, my skin doesn't feel dry after cleansing so move on to use the milk toner and then whipping cream. The toner is super runny and the cream is concentrated white foam but soft to apply. The formulation rich with Hyaluronic acid which provides the long lasting moisturize effect, skin full with hydration and natural glowing. For the toner, there is no chemical preserv…

iPad and Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist

Gonna put some weigh in my handbeg a little more when I bought an iPad. It's for working, nak beli iPad Pro punya mahal masih tak mampu lagipun bukan nak buat kerja2 editing yang berat pun so beli jelah hat yang biasa. Besides, Victoria's Secret got sales 50% discount how could I not buying some stuff from there right?! Well the fragrance cost me : RM79 RM45. Pilih, bayar dan keluar. Got one more stuff to buy at Nose (shoes) tapi size tiada. Habis habis dan habis ah baik tayah jual!