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I received roses from Bloom2u

Just receive a bouquet of roses on my desk at the office. It gave me a huge surprise especially when roses are my favourite flowers. Beautiful bouquets to choose from, arrived promptly and I liked the stunning this bouquet look!

The flowers were really fresh and lasted for over a week! I would definitely use again and thoroughly recommend to others. With Bloom2u, you can send the bouquet to whomever you want, also it comes with message card which the note is printed not by handwritten. The flowers delivered on time and in excellent condition. Just ask them when you want to deliver the flowers.
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"Flowers are a great gift and they smell really good."

Graduation is not the ending

6th November 2017 was the best day in my 2017-life. I wouldn't forget how precious was the day of my graduation. Instead of happiness, it's like a victory in my life. Well I got my family there and friends also the past-lover -- I feel completed.

Was graduated from University Putra Malaysia of Bachelor in Communication (Major Journalism) with upper second class alhamdulillah yay!

I feel quite nervous to stand up on the stage while waiting for my name to be called. I walked in gratitude, smiled and hold the scroll. Wow I can't believe I did it for like 3 years and half studies in degree and I finished it.