Adilla Abdul. My passion in writing is what create me to be a blogger well I have been blogging since April 2009. In my life, I'm going to overcome fear with the future. Stepping into reality and show what I am capable of. I always wanted to be young and educated. Of course, I would like to be a mum to pretty kids so hire me maybe? haha kidding. There's a lot about me but as I said that this is just a glimpse, you need to know me better by keep in touch with any of my social medias provided because I am very friendly as hell just to let you know, especially those who read my blog. I hope you'll take some inspiration from it because I write to express not to impress.

Profile Information

  • Born on 29th August 1994 in Muar, Johor.
  • Lived in Selangor. From Malaysia.
  • Bachelor's degree holder in Mass Communication.
  • Current working as Assistant Producer at TV station (astro502)

Blog History

A place for all the wonderful workings of my heart and mind. This blog created on April 2009 which is powered by Blogger. I started to know about blog since I click someone's link and I found it is interesting. I was 15 years old and I didn't even know how to use and to blog posting so I just tried to type something and published it as the first entry. After that, I tried to play with the html codes which after I check for blog tutorials. Day by day I became more proficient about blog till now.

On November 2009, after 7 months published, my blog have featured on Yezz! magazine by Karangkraf. On Jan 2012, I have signed up to be the one of blogskins user. Since that, I started to design themes. Praise to God I've got many supporters of my themes and about 4 themes (designed by me) became the skin of the day. Besides, I also provided some goodies for my blog readers which include tutorials, tips, backgrounds, buttons, and graphics. I hope this blog will exist till infinity.

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