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I'm Lala Rahim. It's been 9 years in blogging. I currently work as Assistant Producer and Reporter at Bernama News Channel on astro 502.

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For advertising, event coverage, product review kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

H e l l o!

I'm Lala Rahim. It's been 9 years in blogging. I currently work as Assistant Producer and Reporter at Bernama News Channel on astro 502.

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For advertising, event coverage, product review kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

Hey guys, it's been awhile since I'm not updating you about my personal story. So this time, I am ready to write about my love story. It started at Wisma Bernama, the place I worked. It has been almost a year I started my career at BERNAMA (Malaysia National News Agency) as Assistant Producer. On my previous post, https://lalarahim.blogspot.my/2017/08/kisah-hidup-dalam-kerjaya-lala-rahim.html which telling you about my career so... *drum rolls* this is where I met the love of my life.

About Him

Let me introduce about him first. He's a singer, a Malaysian Rapper called RJ. He's the one won the award "Persembahan Terbaik" during Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-27 which performed a song, "Teman Pengganti" together with Black, just to let you all knew.

Black & RJ : Performed "Teman Pengganti" during Anugerah Juara Lagu 27

This is all about him in this article by Utusan ; http://www.utusan.com.my/mobile/hiburan/rj-kena-paksa-setiap-hari-1.424158 just if you want to know more about him. Well honestly, I never know about him langsung. Tak berapa kenal sangat artis Malaysia padahal I watched AJL27 years ago kot but why I never noticed him?? I don't understand and you know apa yang paling pelik. I really adore lagu Terima Kasih Cinta by Tasha Manshahar also featuring RJ, that was my karaoke song siap nyanyi part rap lagi but I have never noticed him langsung oh my God..

Can you all believe when the real singer sing your favourite song right on your face? -live hehe.
MV "Terima Kasih Cinta" by Tasha Manshahar ft RJ

And there you go.. everything about him

First Met

Just to inform that I was the person in charge to bring him on my program, a morning talkshow - Nine11, Bernama News Channel (astro502) It was on 13th December. I gave him a slot to promote his single. The arrangement was set by his PRO. On 13th December the day he should be at our studio, he was late and I was like ughh annoyed. Right on 10 o'clock for soundcheck, I searched for him whether he had arrived or not. Yah luckily he was here, smoking outside. I was relief that the artist has arrived right on time but he still late lah. During he was singing on soundcheck, the first time I heard his voice when he rap oh my God I was melted. It was so tempting! Sebab terlalu tempting, I recorded some video to upload as story on my instagram. Seriously his voice is so0o good! FYI, I wouldn't simply recorded instastory if it's not best to be seen hahax. I did replay his mv "Dunia Fantasi" on youtube because that song sounds cool for me (before I knew the history behind the song) I enjoyed it.

Few days later, RJ uploaded a screenshot of my instastory that I made for him on his instagram with a caption "Terima kasih awak yang bermata redup" I was like whaaat apehal mamat ni upload instastory aku weh mana dia dapat sebab my instagram is private and he did not follow me pun. But to be cool, I liked the picture and commented "thanks for coming" huhuhu but then he deleted the picture well gambar dia tak banyak memang suka delete picture orangnya lol.

Following days, we texted only through instagram because actually, I wasn't interested about him. I only reply his questions. He did asked for my phone number but my style, if takde urusan, I am not simply giving my contact to anyone plus I don't interested in finding a guy or scandal whatsoever. I was kinda amaze because he don't simply give up to text me and his words boleh tahan different punya sweet lah lama-lama pun boleh buat orang jatuh hati. He did asked me to go out lunch but I rejected because I dah makan already. Days later he asked me to have a date on weekend, also, I rejected. Tak best. Day by day, he texted me if I want some meal tak sebab dia nak hantar makanan dekat office. I immediately say yes gaiss I don't know it comes spontaneously from my head to say yes lol. I'm stuck. but thats ok lagi sebab dia just nak drop by hantar makanan right so yah I ordered subway from him. On that evening when he headed to my office, he stucked in traffic jam and I was liked alamak kesiannya stuck dalam traffic jam nak hantar makanan dekat aku. So yeah nak taknak I have to be fair, common sense jelah I ajak him keluar for dinner kat memana sebab nak membalas budi punya pasal dan aku pulak memang jenis cepat kesian. So he agreed to go out dinner. It's time gaiss, our love story has begun. He waited me at lobby and I walked near him, I entered his car and we started talking face-to-face. Our first date as Times Square, dinner at Dubuyo haha my favourite korean restaurant.

The next day, I had an event which is a movie screening Star Wars: The Last Jedi at The Starling Mall. I got two tickets for free. My first intention was planning to invite other guy buy the guy I know is someone's boyfriend, the other guy aka ex movie partner pulak I am already bored dan dah memang stop keluar movie dengan dia sebab dia annoyed too much. So memang plan nak pergi sama-sama dengan boyfriend orang but ya know boyfriend orang kot?? Takkan nak membazir masa dengan seseorang yang berpunya entah apa-apa jantan takmau la aku. RJ was single plus dia memang free so apa lagi I invited him. That was the second time I make the first move omg makin aku menolak makin taknak makin dekat aku dengan dia. After work, I went to his place, waiting for him. He looked so0o macho.. handsome lah pulak. He wore a black singlet with jacket as outerwear memang kena dengan style dia and I did told him; "Suka tengok you pakai macam ni.." hahahha I just being honest for your info, I wore my favourite kebaya hehe. Before we went to the event, we went to IKEA Damansara to buy a present for my dad, a picture frame. Then there we go, I started to like him. The way he talked, the way he styled, the way he looked at me. I couldn't think any than staring at him when he was busy looking for stuff at IKEA. Dah la ikea tu memang tempat sesuai untuk couple-couple berangan nak ada rumah sesama hahhaha.

We have never plan to be in relationship but the situation made us together.

A Letter To Him

The presence of you in this world never have I thought of but I am glad that a man like you still exist. I was scared to have a commitment with any guys because I'm afraid of having an unwanted man that could destroy my life, burn- and end. But when I look at you, my doubts fade away. I could still remember the first time I saw you. I love you, RJ.

Imagine how nicely I pose on camera but he's busy with calls lolx

Things I like About Him

He's a determine person, he realizes in everything he do which I don't have to be worried. He is an independent person but not without me. I like when we have a short driveaway and then we laugh, we had a small manja-fight over a little thing. I like to stare at his face when he fall asleep. He was so cute.. and it makes me melted again. Furthermore, dia sangat pemurah orangnya walaupun I keep remind him to be careful with people, don't simply give things to people but still, he is so pemurah. The most things I like about him, dia tak berkira dalam makan/minum. We're always have a good meal, good foods.

Everything that I wrote about him comes sincerely deep in my heart. He's the best thing happen in my life. Hopefully we can be together, to change each other to be a better person. but just in case that we are not meant to be, it must be hard for me but I'll leave everything to The Lord, as He created us. There are always a wisdom for every relation.
Pemilik spa dan salon DS Pesona Beauty, Datin Nur Samsidar Mohd. Zain telah menghasilkan produk penjagaan kulit di bawah jenama Voqq yang mula dipasarkan sejak tahun 2016. Apa yang bagus, produk skincare ini dihasilkan berasaskan buah tomato. Mengikut feedback yang diterima, pengguna suka produk yang diasaskan daripada buah tomato kerana ia sangat berkesan kepada kulit mereka.

Kegunaan harian. Terdapat 3 produk: Pembersih muka, Toner dan Krim Anti Penuaan. 

1. Pembersih Muka

Diadun bersama oat bagi membantu meneutralkan tahap keasidan kulit sehingga dapat meredakan gatal atau rasa tidak selesa pada kulit. Juga ada ekstrak buah tomato yang merupakan pelembap alami dan mempunyai kesa antioksidan dapat menenangkan kulit sensitif dan kering selain membantu menjaga kelembapan kulit. Harga : RM70

2. Toner

Toner turut dihasilkan menggunakan ekstrak buah tomato untuk membantu mengembalikan warna kulit  yang lebih cerah. Harga : RM80

3. Krim Anti Penuaan

Dihasilkan menggunakan teknologi vakum untuk menyedut udara yang boleh bercampur masuk ke dalam krim semasa proses pembuatan bagi menghasilkan tekstur seperti natto. Krim ini juga merupakan formula buatan tangan yang bebas daripada surfaktan dan silikon., membolehkan ia menyerap dengan lebih baik ke dalam kulit. Harga: RM75


  • Diesktrak dari tomato yang kaya dengan sumber lycopene, yang membantu kondisi kulit untuk kekal muda dan anjal
  • Membantu melambatkan proses penuaan dan kedutan pada wajah
  • Membantu mencerah dan menyerikan kulit kusam
  • Dapat menyejukkan kulit dan menyerap lebihan minyak pada wajah
  • Diadun bersama oat untuk membantu menormalkan pH kulit sehingga dapat meredakan gatal atau rasa tidak nyaman pada kulit
  • Voqq juga membantu membebaskan kulit anda dari 10 bahan bahan tambahan yang boleh menyebabkan kekeringan dan kekejangan kulit

Personal review

Saya dah pakai selama 2 minggu produk Voqq ni. Tekstur cleanser dia bukan sejenis foam tetapi gel so tekstur gel sebenarnya lebih baik dari foam tau. Rasa sejuk dan fresh bila pakai dekat muka. Honestly, kulit saya jenis kombinasi jadi saya tak pakai skincare product sembarangan tetapi bila guna Voqq, tekstur dia lain sikit dengan produk lain sebab dia cepat sangat meresap pada wajah, kulit jadi lembut dan tidak berminyak. Memang best so this is the only product that I currently used now. I am not hesitated to repeat order again. Recommendation: ★★★★★

Cara Pembelian

Boleh lawati ke website: www.voqqskincare.com.my atau boleh whatsapp sahaja: 019 612 8164
Facebook / Instagram : voqqskincarehq
Yesterday, I did my first time scaling dekat Dentessence Dental Clinic di Kota Damansara. My friend pernah cakap buat scaling ni sakit and rasa ngilu but when it comes to me, I did not feel any pain at all eventhough it is my first time. Tak sakit, rasa best lah jugak sebab dia bersihkan celahan gigi tambah-tambah lagi I'm wearing a composite veneer maintenance agak rapi. I have to keep it clean otherwise senang melekat stain di celahan composite veneer. Composite veneer tu you guys google lah sendiri ahha cause I don't want to talk about it on this entry. It took me 20 minutes for scaling, cepat sebab my tooth tak teruk sangat untuk dibersihkan pun.

Normal price scaling: RM150
Using voucher code: "Lala Rahim Blogger" for 10% discount.

Location: Dentessence Dental ClinicNo 43-2, Jalan PJU 5/11 Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Just receive a bouquet of roses on my desk at the office. It gave me a huge surprise especially when roses are my favourite flowers. Beautiful bouquets to choose from, arrived promptly and I liked the stunning this bouquet look!

The flowers were really fresh and lasted for over a week! I would definitely use again and thoroughly recommend to others. With Bloom2u, you can send the bouquet to whomever you want, also it comes with message card which the note is printed not by handwritten. The flowers delivered on time and in excellent condition. Just ask them when you want to deliver the flowers.
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"Flowers are a great gift and they smell really good."
Hoopoe, skincare and beyond! Untuk pengetahuan anda, produk kecantikan ini ialah buatan Malaysia, natural dan selamat digunakan tidak mengandungi kimia yang berbahaya seperti alkohol dan paraben. Setanding produk antarabangsa tau. Bukan sahaja kandungan natural yang terkandung dalam produk ini malah packaging produk ni pun nampak eksklusif bukan packaging biasa-biasa tu. Besides, the product is quite expensive but it is worth to buy because of their high quality.

Jadi dalam entri kali ini saya akan review 3 produk Hoopoe iaitu masker, pelembap dan bb cream. Seperti sedia maklum, ketiga-tiga produk ini sesuai bagi wajah jenis kering macam saya.


Setiap hari Ahad, rutin saya ialah memakai masker. Jadi saya memilih Hoopoe Calming Mask untuk merawat wajah saya setiap minggu. Calming mask ini terus letak je kat muka dengan mudah tak perlu sapu. Selepas mencuci muka pakai facial mask selama 15 minit sampai kering. Gambar di bawah adalah wajah saya selepas memakai calming mask hoopoe, rasa fresh sangat.

Personal Review:

Kulit saya jenis tak cukup air dan sensitif, tapi bila pakai mask ini, tak ada pulak keradangan atau kemerahan, so memang selamat untuk digunakan. Kulit wajah jadi lembut dan gebu je.

Price : RM20 per sheet


Selepas memakai Hoopoe Calming Mask dan bersihkan lebihan air mask kat muka, saya pakai pula Hoopoe Pampering Moisturizer. Mempunyai bahan kandungan seperti

Personal Review:

Kelembapan dua kali bila pakai facial mask dengan pelembap muka ni. Saya suka texture dia cair tapi mudah serap. Satu pam je untuk seluruh muka. Botol dia jenis yang picit so bersihlah sebab tak perlu calit-calit dengan jari sebab sesetengah produk pelembap dibuat dalam bekas, Hoopoe pulak jenis botol picit je, sekali picit memang jimat.

Price : RM120


Sebelum saya apply mekap, saya gunakan Hoopoe BB Cream bagi kulit nampak sekata. BB Cream ni macam biasalah untuk melindungi kulit wajah kita dari debu dan sinaran matahari, juga saya gunakan sebelum saya nak apply foundation. Kekadang tu bila saya terlewat nak pergi kerja, saya bukak sepeket dan sapu rata pada muka lepastu tak perlu dah pakai foundation, saya alaskan juga dengan compact powder supaya muka tak berkilat sangat.

Price : RM160

Cara Pembelian

Anda boleh hubungi talian atau whatsapp nombor ini: 0162769406
Facebook : Hoopoe Luxuriate Care
Instagram : hoopoe.360
Warisan Bumi Nusantara bakal menganjurkan program "Akustika Kenali Diri" tidak lama lagi buat kali yang ke2. Apa yang menarik tentang program ini ialah majlis ini merupakan program yang berunsurkan keagamaan menampilkan muzik halus dari pemuzik profesional, diikuti dengan bacaan puisi dan penerangan oleh Ustaz Fairus Shah Badli. Pengacara majlis ini adalah YM Datuk Seri Paduka Diraja Ramle Mat Daly dan Ustaz Fairus Shah Badli yang merupakan pakar dalam berceramah mengenai diri dan personaliti.

Objektif utama ialah untuk belajar mengenali diri, serta memupuk dan menanam rasa cinta kepada Allah dan Rasulullah SAW.

Ceramah Diiringi Muzik

Biasanya kita dengar majlis keagamaan ialah ceramah-ceramah yang disampaikan oleh ustaz-ustaz mahupun para ulama', tetapi kelainannya dalam program ini ialah pengisian yang disampaikan melalui persembahan. Macam mana? persembahan akan dilakukan oleh pemuzik kemudian pencerahan daripada persembahan tersebut akan diterangkan oleh ustaz.

Semasa temuramah, penganjur program ada mengatakan bahawa persembahan adalah dari ilham sendiri, penyampaian alunan muzik yang indah akan dapat membuka hati para pendengar serta menyentuh jiwa.

Terbuka Kepada Seluruh Masyarakat

Program ini semestinya terbuka kepada semua masyarakat dan percuma untuk belia hingga dewasa. Ikhlaskan hati untuk hadir ke majlis keagamaan seperti ini in shaa Allah banyak pengisian yang anda semua akan dapat. Lokasi majlis akan bertempat di Padang Ukay Perdana akan diadakan pada waktu malam.

Jom hadir beramai-ramai ke program yang unik dan istimewa ini di Ukay Perdana tidak lama lagi.

I currently used Warisan Bonda Feminine Wash for my Miss V, once a day. I like how the scent and the soft white texture. This is kinda censored posting but yah I wanna talk about it as this is the only feminine wash I used in my daily life. It gives freshness to my Miss V. These are the details.

Pembersih Wanita Warisan Bonda

  • Mencegah kegatalan di bahagian sel-sel kulit yg sensetif
  • Merapatkan dan mewangikan
  • Merawat keputihan
  • Sangat sesuai untuk kulit yg sensitif
  • Diperbuat daripada bahan semulajadi seperti abstrak Aloe Vera, Manjakani, Pudina, Serapat, Tea tree oil, Virgin coconut oil dan Garam bukit
  • Sangat bersih dan selesa serta mengharumkan
  • Produk muslim


Semenanjung: RM18
Sabah/Sarawak: RM20

Cara Pembelian

You may whatsapp this number at 0139597621 (Sham souvenir store)
Untuk niaga/borong 25 botol - RM10 sebotol

Well I like to use muslim product sebab saya rasa kebersihan ia terjamin, saya pulak jenis tak pakai pembersih wanita yang mengandungi kimia jadi saya pilih yang diperbuat daripada bahan semulajadi je. After 2 weeks using this feminine wash, I don't feel any hesitation to get very active as you know my career life in media production, I don't feel itchy anymore and no more keputihan. Thanks to this product, Warisan Bonda.