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Big nanny

Shit ! My frens told me about one group in facebook .. Anti Big Nanny , [Pengetua skoo]
aduh .. aku pegi approved group tuh and join them .. becuz i anti wit the headmistress in my skoo .. Mampus , mampus ! Rupew2 nyew pengetua berpakat dgn student untuk listkan name2 budaa yg join group anti big mama ..
Sial kw .. Invite akuh pahal ?! Me and my frens brtungkus lumus change our name on fb ,, change picture and delete student gampang tuh .. so fcking anxious ..

Biology suck

Duhh .. why so complicated ???
Pening menjawab paper biol neyh .. Paper 3 not answerin yet becuz absent time examination .. sick .
My frens said ,, "Rugi kw ta dtg ary ney .. kitorang wat paper bio smpai da nazak kene study btul2 dow .." OMG mampus aku !

Paper 1 cannot answer properly becuz i was sick tat moment ..
Paper 2 hrmmm .. secret . hehe .. =D
Paper 3 still didnt answer yet .. Paper 4 adew kew ?? hahah ..
But for me , biology is not important .. ahha .. :)