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26 jenis lelaki yang buat perempuan menyampah

Blog-walking just now. This post really attracted me. Interesting. I read and laugh. Haha. Yup, its true about guys. All the points that i highlight are the points that i hate about guys. Got it?1. Lelaki yang tak boleh bagi komitmen. Katanya rilek dan belum puas enjoy. Ini ke calon nak buat suami? Say sorry and goodbye la..

2. Perempuan paling benci bila lelaki tu tak berdikari dan suka mengeluh. Asyik nak mengeluh je. Asyik nak harap semua orang buatkan. Ingat ada babu nak layan? Ko ingat tenaga org ni free ke? Ada kaki, ada tgn, buat la sendiri.

3. Style lelaki manja dan mengada-ngada. Euww.. geli betul la. Harap muka je handsome tapi rupanya tidur pun still bawah ketiak mak.. ish.. awek pon tak ingin laki anak mak ni.. orang laen pon ada mak gak.. tapi tak la over macam kau.

4. Lelaki ego buat perempuan menyampah je. Meluat tau tak? Ko ingat ko macho sangat ke? Ego tak bertempat. Blah la..

5. Asyik dia je betul. Semua dia nak menang je. Da la tak nak mengaku kesalahan sendiri. Past…

PBSM - Marching

Okay,, sorry im late to post about the marching competition last saturday. Hehe, guess what ?
We all menang, naib johan. Hadiahnya piala. Oh yeah !
We all berkawad jugak walaupun hujan lebat. Dah laa pakai white uniform. Sexy lorh.
Okay,, saya tamow bagitahu manew kedudukan saya. *Click to expand
Agak sakai di situ. Baju kene tuck in ! Huhu Macam kanak-kanak laa.
Yelaa.. kadet polis johan kan. Izzatul and Amal.

Inilah kami. We all jadi wakil sekolah untuk peringkat daerah. Oh lalaa~ Selembut-lembut saya pun wakil sekolah taw untuk kawad kaki. Hahah. Okay, actually my fren ada merakam video mase we all berkawad cume dia ta upload lagi laa.. Masa peringkat daerah gombak nanti, kami semua kene lawan dekat SMK Taman Melawati pada hari sabtu *lusa. Omg, hope we will do our best. And this is the sample video yang akan kami semua lakukan. Kawad kaki statik dan dinamik. Semua sama jer. Play this video. Smart kan.

Being a nutritionist is my ambition

Being a nutrionist *Pakar Nutrisi  is super-suitable for me.
And this is the career that i want to be when i grow up.
Its because i want to be a doctor and i prefer nutrionist. I also love biology subject and i love about nutrition. I love to study about human. Hurm, so this career was very suitable for me and i choose the career becuz im really desire for this career.
Hope that i can achieve my ambition. and permanently. *Aminn... 

A nutritionist is a person who advises on matters of food and nutrition impacts on health. In some jurisdictions, nutritionists are recognized health care professionals who have undergone postsecondary educational programs in the sciences and have studied nutrients and other components of food in depth. Ads:Sila click untuk lihat


School was pathetically boring. I am started to sleep again in class. But its my fault to sleep at last of the number of clock. I am busy with PBSM marching and doing my homeworks. I have no time yet to prepare for the biology test. I will be sitting the test on this friday. Freaky isnt.

On April, i pray for the easiest month. And i hope i will do my best at anyway that i culd. Counting for the day i'll be sitting for the SPM examination. Anybody who know what is the date of SPM eh? Tell me.

Almost forgot to clean up my greeny room.

I am alone and loner. Got sum problem that still cannot be done wit it. Let it fade. I am not interesting to solve the problem. Cant tell you what had happened. Its my personal. That why i change my blog url. And cheers to visit the new url. Thanx followed my blog.

Sorry if i late to update my blog.
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Today is stupid laa *April fool

Yeah, its april fool. But i neva fooling around wit my fren. A little less bored. I entered biology class today (of course, one of my favourite subject) and sir was very strict today.
If you cant get the answer, stand up on the chair Ouh man! Why culd this happened *but fortunately not happen to me but my pal yang kene. Sir was looking around to pick up sumone to answer his question. Eveybody bowed their head down including me. Takowt.. Kesian you guys,, haha..

*Guy that sit behind me that wear a blue shirt tuh.. Bole laa.. Korang nak? Haha
*Haa,, tulaa cannot answer the question. Kan kene denda.
*There's plenty of people snaping sum pictures.
*Yeah.. naughty students in the class. Sir call them shemale. *Pondan
* Sir snaping their pictures pulak. Then girl tat wear purple clothes pulak kene. Okay.. On the next class, sir will do the same *activity again. Omg, i must get ready. If not, sir said he will expel the student who fail his test. I am freaking worry.
I found this novel, *F…