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Dont drive away even for a mile.

Cause i will be your wall. Here's my two latest picture. Today and yesterday photos. With and without make up. With and without lens. But both of them edited. [I told you early]. My face wasnt a flawless as you thought. hahaha. Dammit. Today, i get bored a lot. Having much fun of it like a stupid clown. People love my hair. LOL. But im not. One of my friends, hah my twin! he's kinda dislike my hair because i had colour it. Damn lah kau. Even my dad didnt get angry, he just laugh at my hair. ≧ω≦ I got greenlight okay when i do something. Piercing too. My dad did accompany me when i do a lot of piercing when i was sixteen years old. Seriously, im not lying you! On that moment, i just finished class (tuition) and then i went to the shop which we can do piercing. So he fetch me there. Holla!

I dont mind if you far away.. i'll be waiting for you anyway. Under the sky of sunshine or rain. I know Im gonna be in your arms again. -Yuna: Memo
While my mum also dont bothered at a…

My blog have been hacked.

Yesterday, while i was editing my blog (just a little bit) suddenly the html code on my template is empty. YES i am very panicked! because i didnt make any copy of the html. My mistake. I didnt sleep last night. I am so sad, so stress, so angry. (╥﹏╥) So i changed the password and re-edited. I dont know what to do. I opened tumblr theme and get inspired by that. All the affiliates also gone. Im really sorry. You can send me a comment / email me / mention on twitter if you want me to adding yours. Your pleasure k.

This is the new look. Yah, its quite same as my previous template. But i think this is simple and better. There's a wisdom behind the hacked. Its okay Lala.. Tak mengapa. Just be patient. I will be more wiser than before.

// I want to continue editing my blog.

Currently hair colour, RED ♡

I am curious about my old crush Kiss me slowly Its almost midnight!
I took the pictures about six hours ago. In the morning, Farah and I went to school because we had to meet Pn Harlina and took our PMR 2009 certificate. Pn Harlina gaves us a box ! How beautiful. I love it.. Farah will make the box as accessories's box while i will make it as memoir box. Put some momento things inside ≧◠◡◠≦

At school, i dont know why people keep looking at me. Maybe because my hair was contra enuff lol. The kids (students) staring at me. What's wrong with you guys?? I AM NOT PRETTY NAKED. At night, i do mention people that i met today at school on twitter, @Syazizz and @AtiqahFernandez. I mentioned them not because i want to asking why people look at me, just say hello laah. And suddenly they said they're became blurr because I look pretty. lmfao hahahahaa.. *Full of myself. Naaah no no no.. thats just cosmetics on my face  ≧◡≦ Keyh.. they're also pretty even just wearing a schoo…

Personal tags. *copied from BBM*

Would you take your ex back?
// No

Relationship status?
// Single

Have you ever lose a close friend?
// Yes

When was the last time you really laughed?
// 24 March 2012

Something is wrong, first person you turn to
// Bestfriend, Farah

Is there anyone who doesnt like you because of something you did?
// Yes

When was the last time you cried hard?
// 18 March 2012

Is there anyone you'd do anything for?
// Yes

How many people can you tell everything?
// Only close friend and cousins.

Have you ever wished on a shooting star?
// No

Does the person you last held hands with mean something to you?
// No

Describe yourself in one word?
// Sophisticated (My friend who told me so)

Who do you hate and why?
// Well i dont hate them. I just hate when people being annoying

Ever cheated on someone?
// Yes

Person i miss the most status?
// Zl

First kiss?
// Mother

Last kiss?
// My twinbaby nephews

Last text from?
// Farah

Last phone call?
// Zl

Who I tell everything to?
// Farah

Favourite animal?
// Guinea pig

Favourite …

Step 2 to a brighter day.

❤I need something new ☁Its night and very dark ♫Haru haru -BigBang

"I cant stand on my own two feets when i keep thinking about this repeatedly. I dont want anyone else" -deeply in heart said.

Since i know that im not your type. *Maybe* And i know that you do like me before. Things just change like a blow of the wind. I dont want to be sad or depressed or anything related to that. Just smile and i will be happy again. Im glad that i learned something new in my life. Life will not be enjoyed if we're keep in the mood of sad. Maybe in past or maybe in future, but i dont believe in giving up. Still, i miss him badly. Naah.. i need to stop posting about breaking heart again. Blog is not a place to raise some sympathize aite ?

Do havva chillin' time. I know that im strong. I had face too many problems before this isnt.  I can still survive my dull life. There's a lot guys in the university coming soon, but i think i dont need to search for boys because true love will c…

Next step to a brighter day.

♥Thanks for the support and send me back home ♫What is right by BigBang ☁Goodnight people
Sorry for my sentimental tweets on the sidebar. Im just didnt expect to meet him on the last minute planned. I went to the MidValley Megamall today with @ANaimmm (Mira), Amin and Zl ≧ω≦This double date is awesome. Haha. So me and Mira went there by train to Putra. Zl take us there and he drove us to Midvalley. Im excited but just be cool. Chillax. lmfao.

Amin was the hilarious acting guy on that day. So funny. First we're having a breakfast, brought movie tickets and then searching a cardigan for Mira. Zl and Amin follow behind us. Its kinda awkward when the girls were shopping and then their guys follow them behind. LOL. I kinda love when he choose a suitable clothes for me. Perfect taste (◕‿-) Usually my bestfriend, Farah will choose the right outifts for me (>.<)

The movie is kinda interesting but actually funny. Above 18+ age lmao. He's sitting beside me and close my eyes with h…

Thank you to my teachers for SPM 2011.

Got a best result for spm examination Listening to safe and sound Hot suhn-nee-deyy I cant sleep yesterday, i was log in my twitter and tweeting/texting with my friends @MiraDzu@farahverxyl and @MohdAdnaaannn All candidates batch 94's cant sleep. Hahaha. Me either. So on this morning, me, Amal and Farah walking to school but luckily we accidentally met our classmate, Syaza. So she drive us to school. Im very fucking nervous.

Sorry-. Im not going to tell you my result here. Its not important. Seriously, i kinda hate when people call me just want to know my result except for people that i wanted to tell laa. People just being annoy to me. My result is okay ! Thats all. (⋋▂⋌) Please dont bother about me.
I wanted to thanks all the teachers that teach me. OMG. I wont forget you teachers, Pn Noriati, Pn Jamani, Pn Endahwati, Pn Noraini, Ms Rani, Ustazah Nor Azlin, Pn Mahani, Pn Nor Azian and Pn Harlina. So to my tuition teachers especially Sir Donald. Thank you to my biology subject.…

Confusion of choosing a course.

At my own greeny room :Location The star is shining under the sky :Weather Im okay, just okay :Mood I will move on and never look back. Leave it all the rest :Status None :Music Pretty good :Health
Im sorry on my previous post, i said that meet me at Midvalley aite, but correction actually at PWTC and Suria KLCC with Diyan and Farah. We're left home at 7.30am and back at 8pm. Oh great lah but not so fun cause i feel uncomfortable when outing with a lot of members even two members. I just can hang out with my only bestfriend, Farah. But yaa, its quite satisfied because we were spending our time just to view the education fair (Pendidikan Mara) And now i know the course that i want to take in University :)

And yesterday night, hurm im just okay. Maybe in twitter, some of my followers know what had happened to me. Its not important to tell here. Im really depressed and frustrated. I cried for the whole night and a ton of appreciation to this guy because accompany me till i slept. I…

A busy week.

Hello guys.
Im sorry for being late to update my blog. Based on the title that i stated, you are already know why. So i had a driving pre-test and i passed ! Alhamdulillah... So on the next Friday is the final test JPJ. *nervous* I hope that i can make it yeah..

Today. My house got a council and that is so fucking tired. Really tired ! (╥﹏╥) Am gonna cry... Allahu Akbar. Certain of my friends and including my sister's friend also came to my house. Thank you so much for coming. I really appreciated it. Can i just leave the photos instead of writing ?

This is the video of my baby nephews. Actually he's a twin babies. (boy)

My sister's friends. Actually, there's some of her friends not in the picture.

Yaa.. thats my sister... shit. Fat≧ω≦
Candid by my sister. I was chatting with my friends about guys and works.

Izyan! Give the baby breast feeding laa.. Hahahha  ≧ω≦ She's really like to play with babies.

My friends. Keyh, on the next wednesday got result SPM examinatio…

Say i love you in a winter wonderland

FAQ- Why do you only have a few friends?
I had a complex about my body, and of course during puberty, I was very sens • i • tive to the comments from people around me. And because of that I became a more and more unsociable. I occasionally thought it was bothersome to talk with people and I became very bad at it. There is no doubt that being so unsociable gave the other kids a bad impression of me. And that was no one else's fault but something I had created myself.

A teacher said to me that if someone does something to you, you should retaliate three times as much. People have no experienced pain themselves cant relate to other people's pain. Try to pay them back in their own coin. If I am sure that I am not doing anything wrong is it not better to show that? Bullies generally say anything when they are alone, so why should I be scared of people like that. It feels frustrating doesnt it? Being unsociable makes you feel down, everything around you looks bad and your perspectiv…

Hot mushroom soup.

At my guest room :Location Fine and clear :Weather Kinda pissed off with myself :Mood I missed to watch secret garden today :Status Kiss me slowly by Parachute :Music Pheeling not well. Headache and flu :Health
Hello readers. My sister is busy watching tv's well im at the guest room now, typing this entry. I kinda pissed off because i missed the episode of Secret Garden today. I really forgot. Auchh shitz. Yesterday night, i was texting with my bestfriend, Farah and suddenly after the midnight, 12pm sharply, i cannot send the text. Not because the credit is empty. I have only 4.29$ balance. I dont know why and dammit. I try to text her on this morning but still cant use the balance. The telco like shit. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ I also design a new background for my blog by using photoshop. This is how the looks. Cantik tak? My mum asked me to cook. I was like what?? ⊙_☉ Okay. Mushroom soup. Okayokayokay ! So just play with the mushroom. Hehehe.

I always and (compulsory) to use a medium bowl with…

A drop in the ocean.

Hai. Lets start it all back. Have no idea just now. #nowplaying Mr Brightside cover by Sabrina. The weather is absolutely good. No rainy day. I am just finished editing my blog. ~~ ✿~~ Tired. I need a full rest cause im not pheeling very well. Anyways, im still wait for these:
SPM (examination) result 2012.Driving test.and offer letter from the university. Cant wait and i feel nervous too. These important notes that i'd mention above are my future. Yesterday night, me and my family went to Kuala Lumpur to buy something. We're also had our dinner at A&W. So here is the OOTD i know i look a bit mess :]

The picture is taken yesterday. I met boyfriend at noon, he came to my house. So pissed off by him, how hard to havva romantic date, shopping day, walking at the garden and etc just like others. He just said "Im tired..." and "What for?? no no NO". How i miss him, i only can meet him once a month. ONCE okay. Ah never mind.. Just watching Secret Garden and it…

Just starting a youtube channel.

Hello. Im still waiting for the video uploading- kinda stupid. Very slow. Anyway. I named my youtube channel as Chocolate Summer cause i really like the title. It's mine k :P I am done customize my channel so here's the link. Pay a cheap visit :3

"Flouera" the username same as my twitter account. Excuse me... wanna tell something to a person who still dont understand that vlog and blog are different. Think of yourself why. Thank you =.='

Image heavy: Yesterday Hauls !

Hello. I would like to share you things that i brought yesterday. (As i told you) So this is the image of hauls. Im very satisfied with them especially the outfits. Korean style ♡
This is the life sticker that i brought at Daiso shop from Japan. This one is for my blackberry. Verryy excited to decorate it. I try to search the whipped cream clay but unfortunately its really hard to find. I have to purchase it thru online.
Hair spray and animal printed glasses. That glasses was chosen by @farahverxyl She said that the size and shape of the glasses were suitable for my face. Lol. For the hairspray, i dont really know which product is good so i just check the ingredient label. Ahha. Make sure that it wont damage my hair. I also have a hair foam for styling but that one is for straightening.
Body Butter. Roses. I am pretty satisfied with the fragrance. This morning, i try to use it and it make me wanna smell my own skin for the whole day ♥
The cosmetics from Simply Siti except for the blus…

My tiring day.

At home :Location Late evening :Weather Im tired and thirsty :Mood Two days eating goat's meat and it was so delicious :Status No music playing. Keep in silence :Music Got headache a little bit :Health

About two days i didnt post any entry right because i went to my village at Johore. So yah. Im back ! Hello homies. Logging in my blog and i was amaze to see the followers' count. Oh mai.. gained. By the way, hello to new followers ! Okay, i posted some pictures here to share when i was in Johore.

This moment i bullied my cousin to make it and bring me these chocolate then take off my dishes when i finished eat. Poor him.
They're all my nephews. All the babies born on 2011. Got five handsome boys and a pretty girl. She have a light skin and very cute. I adore her so much. Like korean. :D
Thank you to my cousin, Meera who wore me this hijab. I know nothing about how to wear that. LOL. Im wearing a make up but still look pale. Maybe my lipstick had been fade. Tomorrow, i had a P…

How to make navbar like me?

Thanks for the request. BUT actually, i wont tell you any code / elements of my blog because this is one of my copyright (my blog secret) Thats why i dont make this theme for blogskins. But never mind.. i tell you the basic. I cant give you my code. Its easy to make it :)
Step 1.:
So this is the code. You can paste it before </style> Please change the background-color on this code. You can replace with the colour code that you want. This code is the layout.
.navigations{position:fixed;text-align: left;background-color:#FFF7F2;height:30px;width:100%;word-spacing: 10px;}
Step 2.:
After you paste the code above before </style> Next, you copy this code then paste it before </style> This code is for the text or navi.

.navi{ letter-spacing: 1.0px;font-weight: normal;text-transform:uppercase; align: center;word-spacing: 2px;color: #777; font-family: Calibri; font-size: 10px; line-height: 15px;}

Step 3.:
Please type this code. I know you cant copy this. Im lazy to make a form for …