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A story which is left untold

Hello. and Im back. Sorry for neglecting my blog too much, Imma way too busy and even will be sitting for a test tomorrow. There's something I have and need to tell here. I think that by saying this thru blog, which make me feel better than confess it to people such family or friends.. I wanna share here about my life now. I know that this is too difficult for me. Well I met new people, new environment, new culture. Of what I hv been seen now there's an obstacle shuld I face. Whether I win or lose that was the second matter.

Aight, ya know. I am not that alone. I will always be under His seen. 
I met some wrong people in which I expected them will become my close friend as well. But I am totally wrong! I made mistakes. Ye, everyone makes sins. Lotsa. And my mistake was I am too much expecting! So since I know that my friend which I expected was good, but now I am trying to avoid that friend. All praise to Allah that He opened my eyes and now I got my new friends which we'r…