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First week of second semester

Weekly update sorry for a week with no any updates from me cuz I have been busy with preparing for the second semester. So, happy saturday!  Anyway, I skipped my co-curriculum classs on the first day and done taking HPV vaccination for the last injection. Got swollen on my upper arm and I cant bear the pain! 

Back to the story. I checked in my college on last saturday (15 Feb) and cleaned up everything. Seriously, I was having an asthma attack after cleaning due to dust allergic and it affected my respiration lol. Cough and flu ceaselessly. I have no class on Monday so me and my friend also roommate went to The Mines. My class start on Tuesday with a subject of Hubungan Etnik which Ive got no friend at all! I dont even know my classmate however I already changed that class on another day. Tuesday was really a hectic day, class till 7pm and I seriously cant concentrate in my class . Just sit down and tweeting . This is because I reaaaally tired. While on Wednesday, I was late to class…

How to get a sexy healthy red lips

Too long. The title. Haha. Tips memerahkan bibir for malay langugage. Aight, Im gonna share my secrets with you guys girls. I know that there are so many tips to get a red naturally lips out there but this is how I do everyday. Cheap ways and fast and natural. Read the instructions below. For centuries people have been working on their appearance to look more and more appealing. Why? Because appearance is everything! Whether you are conducting a business or simply talking to another person, the way you look can make all the difference. The face is the first component of our body that other people notice, so it is imperative that all the parts of our face look absolutely flawless, including our lips. So it is obvious that in the old ages where plastic surgeries did not exist, women found ways to make their lips appear sexy.

My Problems I dont owned that sexy thick lips like Megan Fox, I have a thin lips with quite dark circles around the lips which I really hate that and uneven tone. I…