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Ramadhan Kareem 1435h

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Hello fasting-people, today is the 2nd day of fasting, I just wanted to take this time to greet Salam Ramadhan to all beautiful muslims in the world. Wish you a very happy holy month and remember, always put God first in your heart. Well, for myself; i hope that I could control all my lagha activities like watching cartoons, movies, listening to musics or so on.. This is the only month anggap macam last ramadhan for us to fix our tar black soul to the purest one. Try purify it slowly in shaa Allah.. Nawaitu because of Allah and believe that He will help us. I also want to seek forgiveness to all my family and friends, Im sorry that I cant send text or call each one of you, so whoever read this, yup its for you all - Muslims. Dont forget to perform tahajud, tarawih, and of course fardhu five times each day and night. Replace our speech by zikr, Replace our sleep by tahajud, and replace our meal by quran, geddit? In shaa Allah.. …

Something more

"If God wants you to be with someone, He’ll make it happen at the right time and with the right person."

Rabbi, I will always put my trust in You. For Your ways are higher than my ways and Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts. I know that Your plans for my life is way better than the plans that I have for myself. I may not know what You have in Luh Mahfuz for me, but I await whatever it is. My hope and my future is in You.

I just want to be safe... and, protected.
Not being hurt nor destroyed by cruel people in a cruel world.

Everything changes but not losing love

An old man was asked which is more important, to love or to be loved?
The old man replied: Which is more important to a bird, the left wing or the right wing?

Makes sense?

After changed, i tried so hard to protect my heart from falling in love with anybody. But in the end, i slipped. Falling in love with a stranger that I had never expected. Yup, he tried to "be friend" with me at first but i was so "jual mahal" yelah siapa yang mahu kan? Bagi gitu jek memang taklah. I wonder what does he want from me and i kinda hate when he send a comment on my picture on instagram and then pm me on facebook. I was trying to stay away from him but he pushed me that hard wtf? Because he's one of the asperian like me so i finally gave him my wechat id. He once send me message after i accept his greeting request sebab dah terlalu tak tahu nak buat apa dengan lelaki tu cuz i know that im not gonna chat more than that with guys. Nope, I had changed, i dont want to make the same mist…

Final Exam Semester 2

To inform that my final exam is around the corner. Start on 10th June - 16th June 2014. Hehe. Wish me luck. Happy studying to all the candidates for all students of university, may Allah ease everything and study not for the pointer but for the sake of Allah ok. In shaa Allah.

SORRY ! Away from keyboard.  Those who sent me a message about blogging, i will reply you after exam k.