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When I'm Out From Under

It is my last day today at home before I'm going back to my university, UPM. Everything has done. I dont know Im being so heartless this moment. Something has just went wrong and I couldnt help myself with it. I'm out. And I feel like I want to end this, stop myself from chasing something I dont think it belong to me.
I'm out the line.

So let just being someone new.
My heart will be unbroken, it will open up to everyone. Even when I cross the line, its like a lie I've told a thousand times. Last night, before sleeps, I finally did tawbah prayer (the prayer of repentance) because I cant sleep that moment. I was thinking deeply, plus ton of emotions hit me so hard that night lagilah. All I can do is, crying. Seeking for something.

Screw everything, I feel like done.

I dont want to be that stupid, I have pride and not gonna lose my dignity to any men out there. I just can't trust them somehow. So how am I gonna fall in love if I dont even trust them? I try to trust thi…

Love of ours

Untuk dia,
yang paling sayang
seikhlas hati.

Dan moga dia juga, yang menyayangi aku kerana cintanya pada Allah.

Niat yang baik, moga disertai dengan Lillahi Ta'ala Moga Allah satukan dua hati, suatu hari nanti.

Tags challenge about myself

basics 1. name: just call me, lala.
2. birthday:  august 29th
3. favourite color: pink, white creamy
4. lucky number: 8
5. height: 159cm, weight: 50kg
talents 1. last dream you remember: i dont know.. it maybe about chocolate?
2. can you juggle: a bit
3. art/sports/both: Art, im not good in sports lol
4. do you like writing: yeah its alright
5. do you like dancing: I do, but I can’t dance very well lol
6. do you like singing: I love it!! I can’t sing either, but I will sing at the top of my lungs if I hear a good song

fantasize 1. dream vacation: Anywhere i guess.. maybe to somewhere i can stay peacefully with my love one
2. dream date: Something simple, talking would be enough cuz I dont do date thingy
4. dream wedding: Not too fancy, not too luxury cuz I wanna spend much money on marriage
5. dream pet: I really want a guinea pig that have a spiky hair
6. dream job: I want to work as a Journalist ofcuz

music 1. favourite song: Whatever will be by Vanessa Hudgens, Jatuh by Estrella, …