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Preparation for the last semester

I only have one week to prepare stuffs to go back to the campus but I'm not ready, mentally. Maybe I will start packing my stuffs tomorrow. It will be my last study-semester ever in my life! And then, I'll be leaving. Nevertheless, I am clearly blur about my future. I kinda worried about it very much. And I'll be leaving everything that I have had in UPM. Time flies so fast. I'm gonna miss everyone that I know in campus. Screw emotional!

Whatever will be, will be.
I'll leave the rest to Allah. I'll plan, and He'll fulfill it.

This is all I've got. I have done packing my toiletries, face and body product and etc including my make up haha. Oh yah, I'll be pack my clothes two days before I leave my home.

I hope everything went well. I wanna enjoy my campus life very much

You know, I have watched The Return of Superman (Korean's reality show of kids) episode 116 and it's kinda frustrating that it was the last episode of Daehan, Minguk and Manse.…

Foundation tips for beginners

Every women dreams of having the perfect flawless makeup look and foundation is definitely the savior for this. Foundation absolutely serves its wonders to a women’s face and helps boost the confidence you need. It is the important make up item that is crucial to hold everything in place. However, beginners might need to have some help on making sure that they achieve the flawless makeup look with ease. There are a few foundation tips for beginners to follow to ensure that do not make mistakes that will jeopardize their whole makeup appearance.

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