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Best Hair Routine by using LAB11's Full-Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask

Tuesday, November 06, 2018
Thick, shiny and bouncy hair always be my desire. Today's review I want to try a new series of hair solution named "Full-Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask". This hair solution aimed to deliver desired hair texture with more than 10 benefits listed as fullness, anti-frizz, oil control, hair regrowth, heat protection, strengthening and more in both saloon and daily use. Also, Full-Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask is the first product launched under LAB11 that featured no artificial colouring, 100% extracts and pure essential oils, fragrance free as well as chemical free ingredients.

Actually, I don't really change the brand of my shampoo but this time, I am pretty excited to try because the product is free from unwanted chemical ingredients. 

Step 1 : Brushing

I brush through my hair before showering.This will minimize tangles and prevent breakage (which can lead to split ends) that can occur when I brush my hair post-shower. 

Step 2 : Shampoo

Applying Full-Lift shampoo by LAB11 towards the crown of my head and lather it gently downward, keeping hair straight (without bunching it up) by making a zigzag motion with my fingers down the hair.

Step 3 : Mask

I took a long time when applying mask because I want it to absorb completely through my hair.

Personal Review

After using the product, I feel like my hair got volume and it’s easier for me to style. I am fully satisfied with these product. Apparently, I like the soft mask, it was my first hair mask actually and I couldn’t believe that it helps to moisturize the end split.

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Address : 17, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 3, Nautilus Bay, 11600, Penang, Malaysia.

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